Lunastra Lunastra posted July 22, 2018, 16:40

are there any RolePlayers out there

Hi all,
I am wondering what we are building all these great places for if noone wants to play pretend in them and RolePlay in them?
Am i just day dreaming here that we should use our regions for adventure and fun?


fcooper 8 months ago
Come Join Cooper Estate, A Semi-Modern Farm/Ranch Community. Become a Farmhand or Work in Kitchens, or claim a House/Shop....learn more here...
Goldenmoon 9 months ago
Hello… I am the mother of 2 children… one almost 28 and the Younger 18 years old… They play role games but for that they prefer other games like Wordcraft or so… I used to take my daugther to grids well she was singing rl in my club in Avination, as she is good singer but she is no more interrested and prefers to play other games with friends of her age… real pity
Stephen_Daniels 9 months ago
I've been looking for a good roleplay to join. I'm not much into Sci-Fy, more of a modern urban rp like Dead end and the old Perdition rp in SL...
Lunastra 9 months ago
funny that i asked, because yesterday after asking, a random person came and has joined us to RP in our sci fi region. It is so nice to see that there are a few who still like to pretend life is other than it is really. all are welcome.