LyudmilaPavlichenko LyudmilaPavlichenko posted June 4, 2018, 00:59

New Signups per month in SL - Shocking Numbers If these nrs are real SL is low as in 2005

Everyday i love more Opensim :-)


eaglewealth 19 days ago
it showed 36,648 inworlds online on SL
logansryche 14 days ago
yeah unfortunatly there's no way to tell how many of that 36,648 are actual people and how many are bots since bots register as a person in SL
JimmyOlsen 14 days ago
And about SL....
Men AV are RL Women...
Women AV are RL men...
Children AV are FBI agents....
And..8 out 10 AV at SL are bots lol
JaniaCleanslate 3 days ago
same as here LOL here Men are Women and Women are men LOL
Carla 6 months ago
5603 im may 2018 is not so bad, i think.
IntrepidBoudica 6 months ago
2010-05 60199
2011-05 41186
2012-05 39387
2013-05 49497
2014-05 33520
2015-05 26906
2016-05 24260
2017-05 21758
2018-05 5603
Let's wait and see June
sirswaghorse 6 months ago
Even if those numbers are correct or not most likely not because they come from some unknown source. There sign ups are still more then most grids in open sim.
justin 21 days ago
That's true, but most opensim grids can survive on much less as most are just hobby grids. Commercial grids need new clients to keep the money coming in.
JimmyOlsen 6 months ago