CherryManga CherryManga posted April 9, 2019, 14:08

WTF is happening with reviews those days?

Aloha, it seems opensimworld is being trolled, here are the reviews I can see on several of my regions and I guess others have too.
That's not a big thing but it pollutes the right infos...


JustynTyme 2 months ago
There are so many trolls lately! They must not have a life to go a trash others grid. If they have an issue with you or your grid, why cant they just private message you? I got a troll on mine but it was same comment on each of my region, I was able to delete. It was a past member. Good luck to all of those and it be nice to have a delete option on the reviews. Yes upset reviews are nice to get so us grid or region owners can fix the issues, and not just have an ugly review just cause they're peed off at the world or the owner.
opensimworld 2 months ago
Hello. You can now press the report button to report those reviews. Thank you
CherryManga 2 months ago
Great, thanks for your reactivity, always on top
CherryManga 2 months ago
Thanks to you all for the lighting on the subject and for your support too!
LyudmilaPavlichenko 2 months ago
We need to start sharing many and great OAR's to finish all this drama, Malls and Shops in a box too, they will run back to SL again and leave us alone!
AlmaMiranda 2 months ago
Just do not pay attention, we also received a lot of bad reviews.
oopsee 2 months ago
seems if a truthful negative review is posted some region owners and friends spam hate to many regions for revenge ...
GundaHerleva 2 months ago
Same on OSGrid with this amazing sim
he is doing this for more than one year now, same accounts. He hates everything that is free, or sims his friends from Aviworlds/Allcity/3DLove can't rip, This sim had too much scripts for his brain he went crazy of rage lololol. He is a old one in Opensim, resells all kinds of old noob oar's and full of bad mesh from his friends grids. These days nobody is buying him anything, this is how he reacts.