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JimmyOlsen YES... I KNOW... IT SUCKS.... but...
Opening this thread after someone has left a bad review on my sim because she didnt agree about the GDPR policy... "Wth is GDPR policy" - The Gene...
25 days ago - JimmyOlsen - 7 replies - last reply: 4 days ago
Jadessa Happy Birthday Neveworld!!!
Join the festivities and celebrate our 3rd year at our awesome Neverworld birthday Bash! See all the displays of our talented resident builders... yo...
21 days ago - Jadessa - 0 replies - last reply: 21 days ago
Marissa Treasure hunt system
Hi, I am looking for a good treasure hunt system for my grid. Does anybody knows of such? Every help welcome :)
28 days ago - Marissa - 6 replies - last reply: 22 days ago
Cataplexia OS Grid Donation Drive Events & Scheduling - Sept 21-28, 2018
OS Grid Donation Drive Events & Scheduling - Sept 21-28, 2018 OS Grid Fundraiser Carnival 2018 _____________________________________________________...
29 days ago - Cataplexia - 12 replies - last reply: 23 days ago

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logansryche IceCast
Evening everyone, does anyone know how to get an Icecast server going on a Ubuntu 18 server? I think I'm doing something wrong but not sure. Any help ...
17 days ago - logansryche - 1 replies - last reply: 16 days ago

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logansryche Offset
Well that time has come for me to toss something out there that may or may not be tangible for folks. I found out today I can bring more regions onlin...
1 months ago - logansryche - 7 replies - last reply: 1 months ago
Stephen_Daughtry Unable to Verify Identity
I'm new to the metaverse...I'm trying to explore some of the grids, but i receive the error message, "Unable to verify identity"...what do I have to d...
10 months ago - Stephen_Daughtry - 3 replies - last reply: 7 months ago

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logansryche Some LSL Help
Hello everyone, looking for some scripting help. At one time HyperGrid Business had an article about using Google sheets as a database but since they'...
1 months ago - logansryche - 2 replies - last reply: 1 months ago

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Blackelectra farm updater and schroumpf not work
kann mir jemand helfen wie es eingestellt wird bitte danke
10 days ago - Blackelectra - 2 replies - last reply: 10 days ago
AngelaGarcia Satyr Farms
Help please, I have not idea what the Ducks, Swans or Turtles eat.
20 days ago - AngelaGarcia - 4 replies - last reply: 15 days ago
Amantha Satyr Farm -HELP!
I got the package and rezzed everything and then put on the HUD to see what it was for and now i can't get it off. It keeps telling me to eat and dri...
1 months ago - Amantha - 10 replies - last reply: 1 months ago
Gemma What happened to the Satyr farm points?
I was wondering about this; the points don't seem to show when looking at profile.
4 months ago - Gemma - 0 replies - last reply: 4 months ago

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Amantha Events
I'm wondering if it's possible to have the events on the "upcoming events" calendar appear while they are in progress. I know i often go to see what's...
18 days ago - Amantha - 5 replies - last reply: 16 days ago
KiraWhitehawk Beacon Landing Point Issue
My beacon is rezzed at the main landing point of my region. However the url provided on the OSW Directory webpage for this region dumps people in the ...
26 days ago - KiraWhitehawk - 7 replies - last reply: 18 days ago
eaglewealth About opensimworld pro yearly membership
I get this message after i edited something in words and it come up saying for "You have reached your limit of 5 region listings. To add more regions,...
22 days ago - eaglewealth - 4 replies - last reply: 20 days ago
abernice Should this discussion forum be used for event or self-promotion posting?
I see people using this discussion forum for posting events and news about their regions/grids ... is this the appropriate place for self-promotion? ...
28 days ago - abernice - 20 replies - last reply: 27 days ago