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GLOEBIT Currency ENABLED! Selling full perm 3D Models to the Hypergrid users.
Selling a wide range of Sculpties and meshes. The MESH vendors Have MESH saying on its vendors. The ones without MESH on it are sculpts with maps included. Do not resell these items full perm. Each of them are registered.

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BogusCurry 9 days ago
Nice region to shoppinng ;D
vandenbrande 17 days ago
All prices are lowered with about 75%! Come check it out!
vandenbrande 21 days ago
We changed the region to a more attractive name, from Tech to of course.. FULL PERM 3D MODELS. :)
BillBlight 21 days ago
I think you may have a config error ... when trying to HG to your place with this address ..
it returns ..
22:21:17 - [GATEKEEPER SERVICE CONNECTOR]: contacting http://pirate.strangled.net:9000/
vandenbrande 21 days ago
I flushed the DNS cache hopes this solved the problem with the old domain name.
vandenbrande 21 days ago
I know, its the old domain name, which is not in use anymore, my server is not connected to that domain either. And i noticed that i was at someone's world with the name pirate.strangled.net:9000, Its weird i dont know how to get rid of this, probably is still registered on the hypergrid somehow. But the server is using this new domain hg.vandenbrande3ddesign.com:9000, its really weird that it still shows up the old domain. So its not a config error.. there is no such link in my ini files. I never even used it in these ini files because i used a whole new folder when switching domains.
BillBlight 21 days ago
And it fails to connect ..
vandenbrande 21 days ago
Thanks for shopping by the way:) I see it still worked. I'm figuring out why i still have this old domain popping up while its not even connected anymore. The domain doesn't exist no more.
Nixward 22 days ago
Great Sculpts and Meshes there.

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vandenbrande We lowered our prices with 75% on most items, or even more then 75% on some items, we set a bunch of items for sale for just 1 Gloebit! Come visit us and check it out!
17 days ago - 0 comments
vandenbrande We changed the region for the full perm 3d models from "Tech" to "FULL PERM 3D MODELS", Region TECH is still available as a backup region. So you can shop at both regions.
21 days ago - 0 comments
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