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About Me:
Lighthouse Point grid is a fully inclusive virtual world place for all consensual sexuality and gender identities and expressions. It feels that more inclusive and visible LGBTQ+ spaces are needed on the Hypergrid and Lighthouse Point is my contribution.


My Groups
HG Safari
Priape Group
The OpenSimWorld Group

My Likes
Bad Katz
Gay Friends
Mesh Clothing
3D Creations
Imagine Anything Market
Luv Plaza
MisFitz Welcome
Dorenas World
HGSafari 3rd Anniversary
Music Island
Gran Entertainment
Ace Fashion
Avalonia Femdom
Tropical Life
Beach Party
SLurtle on Outworldz
Kang Nae
Thats Free
Mushroom Kingdom
Mystic Rivers
Good Region
Ekisaito X
Red Light District
Azi's Village

My Regions

An adult region with many things to do, boat rides, pontoons and balloon rides there are many themed areas for adult fun. The space is aimed at LGBTQ+ and open minded people. No hate is the main rule. Hang out with friends and take in the region.
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This is the home of the resident drag queen and my alter ego Mzfelicia Honeycomb the region is a var region and still under construction. Every virtual drag queen needs a hovel ...
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Pride Bar
grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Pride Bar
The Pride Bar is a social space for LGBTQI+ people to socialise a have fun together. There will be regular events at this venue so keep an eye on the events listing for more details. Also check our website: https://www.lighthousepoint.co.uk
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A residential region for Lighthouse Point grid members and guests. Still under construction.
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Sexuality and Gender
grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Sexuality and Gender
This region was designed and build as part of a degree called a Masters of Arts (MA) in Education in virtual worlds. The focus of the region is the development of understanding difference, diversity and equality for counselling practitioners. Further information about the region can be found on ...
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Starforge Castle
grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Starforge Castle
An LGBTQ RP fantasy themed region. Further details to follow. Check LHP blog regularly. https://blog.lighthousepoint.co.uk
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Starforge Lodge
grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Starforge Lodge
This is a fantasy themed LGBTQ+ role play region still heavily under development and story and characters still to be completed.
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The Bird Cage
grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:The Bird Cage
This is one of the main event regions on Lighthouse Point our first event will be our launch party on the 21st Nov 2015. For further information visit the Lighthouse Point website.
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VW Basic Skills
grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:VW Basic Skills
This is another educational region where through a series of group based activities new residents and guests will learn the basics of moving, communicating, interacting with scripted objects, camera controls and building a photo frame.
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This is the main arrival region for Lighthouse Point, an LGBTQ+ inclusive place in the Metaverse.
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What a stunning region will you be enabling the Gloebits module I could have easily spent 1500 gloebits the realised it was a local grid currency that...
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Definitely, we can do that for sure. Only just seen this message. If you go to my grid and send me an inworld message when you are there I will get yo...
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Thank you for the comments on my region and was a pleasure to meet you too.
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