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Home of the OpenSimWorld beacon and the SatyrFarm

Visit this region to get the latest versions of the free OpenSimWorld Beacon and HUD. You can find a live demo of the teleporter and get the full perm tools package, which contains our Beacon and HUD.

The region is also home to the SatyrFarm farming system, and you can see a live farm here.

Our OSW HUD is also available in second life marketplace. Get it here:

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TanGLeOS 12d
Is SatyrFarm Package v.2018.11.30 the latest version? If not where can I get one.
Panthera 11d
you find it in osgrid at
chicookfarrior 3 months
I can't get to the sim to validate my sim
PassionFlower 4 months
TY Mr Satyr! I do enjoy your farming system and I am going to TRY TO UNDERSTAND that new HUD that you have out ;) TY for being a programmer and KOODO'S to you on being a programmer for national programmers month! I am at Encore Escape Grid now. I used to be somewhere else for over 2 years. But you will still know me as my name is almost the same: Passion Jumanji now ;)
LindaShelby 5 months
If you land here and you see Space Shuttle Atlantis just right click and sit on it then follow the menu! love it!!! :-)))))))
anonymous 6 months
I loved this farm, has all the best, congratulations !!!
TanGLeOS 9 months
Hi. I got the latest version of the farm. The problem is all my animals are not working really right. I rezz then and as soon as I restart my region they are gone. I checked why and this is what my DB says:
23:32:22 - [REGION DB]: MySQL error in ExecuteNonQuery: Incorrect string value:
'\xE2\x99\x80\x0A0 ...' for column 'Text' at row 1
23:32:22 - [SCENE]: Storing of SF Cat, 4c81f1cc-1d69-4b6e-b15a-1f7e230abca2 in G
loebitville failed with exception Incorrect string value: '\xE2\x99\x80\x0A0 ...
' for column 'Text' at row 1 at MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlStream.ReadPacket(

Can You tell me what to do to fix this please. Thanks
Leslie Kling
TanGLe Grid (Kling Farm)
eaglewealth 3 months
I have same problem in Ausgrid with Maria Database on Windows server 2016 but the one about sql is not the same one that i'm using.
kawolf 6 months
Hi, afetr having had the same problem today today and coming acroos this post i did some more looking and came up with a solution that worked for me.
info came from here
Step 1: shutdown opensim console
step 2: go to mysql folder C:\ProgramData\MySql\MySql server 5.7\My.ini
step3: under heading [mysqld] look for #set the sql mode to strict
step4: find sql-mode="no-engine-substition,strict-trans-tables"
step5:replace with sql-mode=""
step6:save file then RESTART PC
step7:run opensim
step8:rezzed animals out and set the names etc...
step9:restart console
and its now working fine for me
hope this helps..
This looks like it is related to mysql configuration . Sorry, i have not seen this before.
Iris_Dolphin 11 months
I'm having trouble setting up my region on this is a HG grid and the server will not let me set it up.. any advice??
MiaDePascuale 1 years
I got the hud and I have the key but where do I enter the key on the hud?
sounds 1 years
Thanks! visiting OpenSimWorld from DigiWorldz to grab the beacon.
OpenSimWorld Beacon 0.914: Server: The operation has timed out. This is the same on all my regions. Have not a clue
Copper 11 months
There is a v 2.1 in the meantime. Maybe grabbing the newest at this region
Bonnie 1 years
Halloween decorations were scary for lol. Great job.
stickwell 1 years
Also a big thumbs up from me, Totally amazing. You give so much to opensim
10/10 Thank you.
Gemma 1 years
Thumbs up for this great place.
Amazing work.
The Satyrfarm is just AWESOME. :)) ^_^
Thanks to all of you who take part in this.
logansryche 1 years
Love the atmosphere over there - good job. Haven't tried out the hud yet but the kiosk works as it always has.
JessieCampbell 2 years
Satyr does our worlds a GREAT favor by maintaining this super service. Kudos to him ! Thank you !!
Nevermind I found it lol
I got the HUD which says to enter a key, but it's not very clear where to get the key.
sounds 1 years
Go to your profile page on this site, click My Regions, then select your region and you'll see the info with the key under your region's image.. in red box.
GEEMac 2 years
Hi folks, been trying to hop grids and keep timing out or the regions are not online. I am on Sacrarium Grid and running my own server for an 8x8 Varregion. I have been trying to get my hands on an OpenSimWorld Beacon and HUD. for over a week now. Just can't seem to be able to hop out of here to another grid. Any ideas?
Copper 2 years
Maybe a newer beacon shut be placed on this region? Especialy when the OSworld help site leads to it! I have the v2.1, and on that region still is the very old 0.94 :-( Not sure if one cares for the region..But when link from OS site goes to it....
AngelaBarzane 2 years
Opensimworld is amazing both the HUD and this website helps everybody so much Ty Ty Ty
MartinikaPearl 3 years
Ty for this wonderfull tool

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Love the Hud Love OpenSim World Great Work ty!
You have to have this HUD you will never be alone anymore in opensim let's you know in real time where people are come and try it's free too
Sorry but the past 3 days, OpenSImWorld has been unreachable by either Singularity or Firestorm, all other osgrid regions can be accessed, but not OpenSimWorld.
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