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Luana Luana posted October 22, 2019, 19:14


Good afternoon! I wanted to know why my farm animals, they only last 3 days and disappear.It was a couple of horses that are 100 days old, the mare got pregnant, but the foal didn't show up, I gave up and I have common animals.


scherzbold 1 months
why not keep at one post? That doesnt make sence to spam every forum
Luana 1 months
sorry i don't speak english, i don't know how to use it here. It's not span
You dont speak english but write in english. Best excuse ever
well did you ever hear of a translator! Really!
Arielle 18d
She hasn't been back in 12 days scherzbold so I guess your first post was enough for her to realize you didn't have an legit answer to her problem. Now you are just spamming the thread.