Event Plaza
Osgrid Dance Area
Created 8 days ago by Aussie_Envee
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osgrid lovely family
free mind
Created 9 days ago by safisat
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DevWorks OSI
For anything DevWorks Related, products, services, new releases and announcements
Created 11 days ago by Keldo
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Alta Cidade
Fora criado, para aqueles usuários, que se perderam do Baixo Cidade, para se encontrar novamente, e tb direcionado a todos da língua portuguesa
Created 24 days ago by KathiaLindsay
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Opensim Christians
OPENSIM CHRISTIANS - Real / Virtual World Christians - One goal, One ministry. God is real in all worlds. OPENSIM CHRISTIANS represented in this group as one in Christ. This is a group for all Christians who are in the Virtual Worlds and the goals of this group are: * Help Christians in the vi...
Created 26 days ago by margiebaxley
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Community in Progress
Join this community and either join ALife Virtual or send me your hyper grid links and we will guarantee visit! I will also place all your Hyper links at my welcome center. So come join this group and build a large community by regions or hyper gridding. :-) Connecting one region at a Tyme..See you ...
Created 27 days ago by JustynTyme
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Grupo *~BrasilSim~* foi desenvolvido para aqueles que desejam compartilhar conhecimento diversão e alegria com a responsabilidade de companherismo sempre, o OpenSim nos oferece condiçãoes suficiente para que isto se torne possível e é isso que o nosso grupo pretende, sermos parceiros e promover a fe...
Created 1 months ago by Maxthor
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Curious Girls Club
Curious Girls Club
Created 1 months ago by PaddyS
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Mauvaise Compagnie
Mauvaise Compagnie the Store. Sextoys, NPCs, Tools, Custom made PMAC Playthemes bdsm, sex, dildo, penis, sextoys, slave, master, sub, dom, submission
Created 1 months ago by PaddyS
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Paradize Cove
Created 2 months ago by djlionheart
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GreekLife Grid Group
GreekLife Grid came to life in 2011 as a Hyper grid for the World! As time went on it became a place where people loved to hang out so we decided a short time ago to feed this growing community so we Enjoy meet friends and have fun!!!
Created 2 months ago by envoy
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Dorenas World
This group is for members and friends of Dorenas World .-)
Created 2 months ago by DorenaVerne
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NiCha Dreamland Gruppe
Gruppe für NiCha Dreamland der Deutschen Start / Treffpunkt Region
Created 2 months ago by Charly_Vedania
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Vela Dreams Segel des Glückes

Created 2 months ago by cleopata_Rajal
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Ibor Estates
Come join genesis Grid to sell stuff at cheap prices
Created 2 months ago by logo08876
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Hogwarts Stuff Group
This is a Group for Hogwarts Stuff and Members.
Created 3 months ago by Franziskagirl
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Ace Fashion
Group Mesh Shops ... Male Female Mesh Cloth Store. Quality Mesh. Skirts, Dress, Pants Shirts, Man and woman Suit, Party Wear, Beach Wear, lingery , Shoes . Hot & Sexy Products. Low price with best quality Mesh Items. And A new Store Fashinista Moda
Created 3 months ago by Ace.Silverspoon
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Regiao, brasileira, para entretenimento dos usuarios de lingua portuguesa
Created 3 months ago by KathiaLindsay
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Over 10 clubs n venues. Our Clubland features up to date and original club music and exclusive DJs. Check Out the new Ballroom, and much more! Tune in here for updates on events & parties. Group members are encouraged to post their events here too!
Created 3 months ago by DannyC
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Metaverse Game Creators
Are you creating games, or just curious? Join in as we share resources and projects.
Created 3 months ago by Echelon
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Education in OpenSim
This group is for educators in OpenSim. If you are an educator using OpenSim, please join this group. It's FREE. This group is created by Nick Zwart of 3DLES.
Created 4 months ago by Nixward
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A group for residents and visitors to share their experiences on the Chimerus Grid. We are an expanding maritime grid to explore and discover. Sail our vessels or yours. Come to our lively weekly dance parties. Make new friends, cultivate imagination, exchange knowledge and have a great time.
Created 4 months ago by SkyFlier
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KVJT and WVJT FM Stereo Oldies Radio
Join in the oldies revolution. Tune in live streams at (Dj Rus) (Perfectoracle) @1 oldies radio in Second Life and the Flagship station of Genesis Metaverse. 1-832-462-9564 pldies request line.
Created 4 months ago by jtho53
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This group meant to connect users, tinkerers and developers of OsCollar, a fork of OpenCollar Six (and legacy 3.99x) specifically developed for use in OpenSim. We can be found inworld at Kinky Hub in OsGrid. The GitHub repository is at
Created 5 months ago by anonymous
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Lifestyle Creations
A Decorations House and Land.,Orb .Animated Paintings,Tree Acom& Leaves on touch.. Appel Tree , Pear Tree, Palm Tree's Fontain's Flower Field's,Kitchen, Furniture, Tv, Big House, Pergola & Deck, Swing on Tree, Water Pound & Sit & Frog & Lilly ,Nature Sound. Dolphin-Baby Dolphin...
Created 5 months ago by KatjaHotty
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Gay grids
A group for all those interested in creating gay grids, regions, content etc
Created 5 months ago by Buzzy
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sim for friends and sailing,boating fun ,dancing
Created 5 months ago by baromfuddy
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Mesh Worlds
Have you spent hours and hours in search of mesh only to find out you can't rez the object on your home region? To compete with SL we need to make many things easier for people and I intend to do just that with the help of mesh designers, builders and region owners that understand how critical ...
Created 5 months ago by VWSMeshWorld
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UpsideDown Friends
Grid doesn't matter! With this great system they made here on Opensimworld we can be UpsideDown Friends everywhere :)
Created 6 months ago by Insideoutjim_Umaga
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ray and lacy`s Estates
A Brand New Spin on Virtual Life come Visit Us
Created 6 months ago by rayliotta
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Counter Earth Grid
WHO ARE WE? Gor, the worlds of John Norman recreated in virtual worlds. A grid laid out as per the books, all interconnected. Run your own Gorean city, village or farm at a FRACTION of the cost of other grids from Torvoldsland to Turia, the Voltai to the Thassa, the entire world of Gor in virtual...
Created 6 months ago by kindraTurian
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Created 7 months ago by Studio29
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Created 7 months ago by Studio29
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The Great Canadian Grid
The Great Canadian Grid is a virtual world. A virtual world where you can create a home, build a business, meet others, establish relationships and do all the things you can do in real life but in a virtual setting. A place to meet and perhaps find that special someone.... Just remember that...
Created 7 months ago by Roddie
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Konk Combat Systems
Group for owners and players of the Konk Combat and Roleplay System.
Created 7 months ago by RavynStormchyld
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Astralia Grid (Italy)
Gruppo dedicato alla grid di Astralia
Created 7 months ago by desivendetta
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Live Electronic Music Club
Hi All. This group is concentrated on live performance of electronic music (drum machines, laptops, Ableton, midi controllers etc). You don't have to perform to join, just that you enjoy the concept. Also, how this form of music is interpreted on the grid, finding gigs and venues etc.
Created 7 months ago by AztecLovers
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Sinful Grid News
We are a fairly new Hyper-grid enabled grid, our HG address is Our website is We are looking for content creators and Dj's Our mall is packed with stores free to content creators, just IM Destiny Moore or Tony Moore for more info.
Created 7 months ago by SinfulGrid
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Future is here and on the grid we use it too. We are building a community for alot of fun and also demo of living sustainable. We are also a DJ and performers community so come on thru to Solar Powered Parties. Learn from people and get first hands on with virtual equipment. There is a free and ...
Created 7 months ago by PowerOfGreen
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MySql Setup, Config and maintaining
A group to help each other understand how to fully implement MySql so that it can be maintained like any other database.
Created 7 months ago by BlondieGayMan
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The Pearl Isl

Created 7 months ago by kimsong1
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La Land Di Alex123 Dagostino
land di Alex123 Dagostino su questo Land è vietato lo spam e tutte le cose di nudo se è artistico va bene questa è una sim dove ci si diverte e le persone che faranno casino saranno bannate immediatamente dalla land è severamete anche
Created 8 months ago by alex12386
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Amusement Parks
For amusement park owners and people that love to ride rides!
Created 8 months ago by Lunasea
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Art culture FrancoGrid
Created 8 months ago by ParcDesArts
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Digital Multiverse (to be rebranded as Arrival Nation)
New Ownership, cleaning things up, adding content and approved for the funding to upgrade this world, we would love to see you join in and help us by adding content, becoming a part of the staff team, greeting newcomers, etc. We are also in need of someone to write a newsletter to let all know the n...
Created 9 months ago by kristinnightfire
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The Next Reality Grid
I am not sure if everybody is aware or not, but The Next Reality Grid is still running and has been for the last 18 months - 2 years. The Main Region is the Fabulous International Airport. The main Building was built by Josh Boam. Taxis outside to various grid regions and upstairs there are f...
Created 9 months ago by mikehart
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HG Safari
HGSafari group promotes hypergrid travel. Join us every Wednesday for our group tour. Each week between 15 - 20 avatars meet to gridjump to pre-planned destinations to meet, learn, and have fun. If you would like to have the Safari come visit your region, send an IM to Thirza Ember
Created 9 months ago by Thirza
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Mobius Grid
The Official Opensimworld Group of Mobius Grid
Created 9 months ago by serra
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Mystic Darkstone/Mystic Estates for all worlds
Mystic Darkstone Designs home grid Island Oasis, but we have creators in most virtual worlds. In Island Oasis there are 2 main venues. Legends and Iridium Ballroom. Legends is open for ANY DJ from ANY virtual world to drop their stream and host their own events without having to pay for land and cre...
Created 9 months ago by AlysinDarkstone
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Starfleet Universe
The first and only "canon" Star Trek group in the metaverse. While other groups have their own ideas of Star Trek, we are inspired to uphold Gene Roddenberry's dream that boasts aspirational ideals, racial unity, and a destiny for humanity.
Created 9 months ago by craigtreves
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