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Lunaria is a region on the Opensim Life grid that is a celebration of the beautiful harmony of art, light, and reflection. Areas include the Temple of the Moon Goddess; Camelot, which will be available for medieval role play; and the Aeroclub sky lounge, complete with dancing, lights, seating, and a...
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Lunaria Emporium is the hypergrid accessible store on the Opensim Life grid for Lunaria products. There is also the Waterfront Lounge, which is available for dances, concerts, and events.
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lunalunaria posted a profile update:
The new Aeroclub on Lunaria. The grand opening concert will be on Friday the 13th of July at 7pm PDT, after which the venue will be available for concerts, events, and dancing

3 months ago
lunalunaria added an Event: Aeroclub Live Concert
3 months ago
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