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Dakota Dakota posted July 19, 2019, 12:42

Opensim beacon

Not sure why, but the beacon wont work, it was doing great till a new oar was added to the region, so I went in here and deleted the region from my account and re added it to see if that will help..nothing, I got new beacons, they say "click to initialize",i click,...nothing,so I am at wits end, can anyone offer some help in this area please...keep it as user friendly as possible please haha Thanks so much


angelicronin 2 months
we having same probs ob Caribou so after party we restarting sim to see if that helps
LouCypher 3 months
get a new beacon key AND RESET you beacon first ... Edit >content > reset scripts .
If that dont works ... get a fresh beacon from the box
Dakota 3 months
Thanks,we did try the new beacon,even deleted and re-added the region,i had a friend fix it for me when that didn't work:)