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Touche Touche posted August 19, 2019, 15:15

Please, read this. This is the truth about how the Sacrarium works. Part.1 Updated aug25

Update Aug 25, 2019.

This posting has been moved to the group "Unite & Resist" https://opensimworld.com/groups/128/in... . In which all the facts of blackmail, unlawful acts, harassment and insults from the owners of the "sacrarium grid" will be collected.

Also, this article is distributed in specialized media, blogs.
We work closely with manufacturers who have been robbed and with law enforcement.

Each episode of theft, blackmail, harassment and abuse will be thoroughly investigated and action will be taken.


estela 17d
For people not feeling happy at Opensim they don't need to be here !! go do something get happier, no one is bound to be here !!!!
estela 17d
honestly Touche is a TROLL is very worried about Sacrarium, time is doing DRAMA QUEEN go do something useful, take care of a cat, a cat a good idea, so he will have 9 lives to take care of !!! will get busy, will forget all that and leave people alone !!! and will be happier!
This person have no rights to harrass or bully people on any grids or regions and it unacceptable. You really have a big ego problem. He ruining people's fun on opensim 100% and where the freedom?
Mekre 25d
I read the whole article and I got the impression that they want to make a fool of me... Stolen goods, masons, free things, even pedofily mentioned here... You say you helped steal things and Oh my God, what are you talking about? My friend, I do not know that with you and your health, maybe everything is fine, just you are very offended by those people about whom you are talking in this article. The simple truth should be familiar to you - Anger and deception are very bad.
alesandro 25d
Even if i do not agree with all this silly article and the author himself ....i do not agree with accounts created few minutes ago just to debate ...is the same silly too
I’m kind to you .... I’m teaching you good ... and you’re angry ... drink milk and honey for the night ... calm down .. and go to bed ...
Do you have enough money for ships in the USA and Europe ??? If you have a lot of money .... you better give it to charity .. to orphanages ... it will be very good deeds
Touche 28d
You better stop it. Then, as you act as an accomplice to the theft.
so you gave it to me ... you forgot?
Touche 28d
Liar. Just stop, Please. Another blatant lie. Do not forget, you too can become responsible for the distribution of stolen items. Don't forget about it
Спокойной ночи ,Лёня ,ты сделал мой день сегодня ....мне и вправду тебя очень жалко ....как можно жить с такой злостью внутри ....боюсь представить ....береги себя ...
Barrakuda 28d
))) Инсайдер - это ЧЛЕН группы, обладающий информацией, имеющейся только у этой группы. Если привязать к ЧЛЕНУ карандаш, то что получится?... Хреновый член-кореспондент!)))
Лёня!!! Да ты еще и перепутал стороны карандаша!!!))))))
Да ты ещё и БЫВШИЙ ЧЛЕН.))))) А кто ты сейчас-то?))))))))))))))))
I want to add a few details to this tearful story of this ugly victim of the terrible Sacrarium.
1. «I personally setup them a working forum and several working scripts for the web interface, including a grid map». It was an ugly and very uncomfortable forum. People did not like this forum and no one wanted to use it. We remove it. Bad work.
2. Your scripts also worked very poorly. The world map worked so badly that it had to be replaced. Even this scripts was not “yours” because not you create it but takes it from github and just try to use it. Try and fall again. Nothing works from what you do.
3. «I set up an avatar select script for them on the registration page avatars». You just add some html table. All scripts here are from DivaDistro.
4. «For them, a stylish modern website created by my own hands was 80% ready».
This "stylish site" you better leave yourself. Suddenly you want to open an online soap store.
5. «I provided unlimited 320kbs streams for their regions on the radio, which I personally built at my expense, on my server». Now is time for real true, dude. Did you know that most people don’t like your music? Did you know that people came just to support your events, despite the fact that they did not like your music? It was only your initiative, not my or someone’s else.
6. “I provided ALL of my services to them for FREE”. It was only your initiative, again. All your “services” has a very poor quality. No one will pay for it. But Sacrarium hosted your region for free with tons of stuff, for a year. It was just a waste of resources.
So, you just a looser and drama queen. Please continue to bury your reputation.
This is true. I remember this "forum" omg a very old fashioned and bored. Looks ugly. And his ugly music too. You are lucky WhiteAngel you get all this crap for FREE! XD
Touche 28d
It's about streams FOR your users, not about my music. The screenshots show some credentials for your users. https://ibb.co/Qc3L8MX https://ibb.co/dbGh7xv https://ibb.co/S7dcjS7 Later I will publish a personal correspondence with you, where you asked me to provide these streams. Stop lying. If you are not able to use scripts, and you do not have enough qualifications to work with them and the server, do not mislead people. Stop lying, white. You already lie enough.

You are tricking people into your grid. As did with me. I suggested you remove the region, you refused. I have all the correspondence with you saved and I will publish them if you continue to lie to people.

And we are talking about your libel to the woman whom you refused to apologize to. Stop moving the topic to another area. You are an impudent, unprincipled liar.
Publishing these types of workflows rather throws a bad light on you, touch.
These are all internal processes of the employees, what is so bad anyway?
Touche 28d
This is a necessary measure. At a time when they frankly lie to you, my colleagues, people who pay them money for hosting, I can not leave this unpunished. Everything that White and Magnus wrote here and write on behalf of the sacrarium is 100% lies. This can be proved by publishing correspondence with them. Yes, this is a dirty method, but not dirtier than the lies that they spread in OpenSim. You really can’t imagine what kind of devilry you are dealing with. Pedophilia, racism, personal insults of people whom they smile at a meeting. White tricks people into his lair, including Wajda and others. He uses the minds of people who do him work for free. He himself is not capable of anything. Generally not capable. He is completely incompetent in the administration of OS servers. His friend Magnus calls himself a “black cardinal,” and says to everyone that he is not related to the sacrarium. It's a lie. Magnus writes threats against innocent people. He composes these letters. Only the publication of their correspondence can reveal all their lies.

By the way, after my statement about the spread of pedophilia, one of their grids was deleted. On the page of that grid, the user PERSONALLY admitted that he uses a child avatar in the sacrarium. Is this not proof of their lies?
Ok, it gets too dirty for me here, no evidence just hare allegations. I'm out of the discussion:-(
Touche 28d
I will provide all the evidence in my blog later, after we collect enough evidence to contact the law enforcement agencies.
I never read so much vile lies from one person. You insulted and stained a lot of names with your dirt. You could be a DJ or a virtual musician, but you chose the career of a vile liar. Are you surprised that people write negativity to you? No wonder, because you insulted them all. Sacrarium is not a "Toche underground mafia" consisting of one looser and Caprica Ciclop (this is your avatar too), Sacrarium is a community of hundreds of users. Note that there are a large number of users who have multiple accounts in different grids. Thus, you insult not only users of the Sacrarium, but also a large number of users of many other popular grids. I didn’t want to interfere in this drama for a long time and just watched as indignant users beat you in the comments. Its funny. And now you insult me personally. However, I am not offended by the words of the talking dog. But one detail: Im not a Sacrarium “co-admin” it’s a lie. I just have my own region in Sacrarium where I live. The rest of the lie makes no sense to comment. This is not so important. More important you have no honor and don’t know what respect is. Today you insult people how call you “friend” and trust you. From the side you look very insignificant and pathetic. You need treatment but Im not a doctor.
Touche 28d
All chat logs in skype are saved. Filthy scum.
You will pay for your vile letter that you wrote to the girl that I spoke about here. This is not Caprica. You're just a nasty, rash creature. Сучара.
Dont play with me, you punk. I dont care your dirty scum and will no argue with you and your mults. Toche, Caprica, Huyaprica this is nothing change. Do you like to play as a girl? This is not my business. I safe logs from my region and I find something interesting for you. Look at this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G3t2T...
Sam Adama and Caprica Cylon use the same ip. This is fake proxy ip (Moscow and Montreal). Why are you using fake ip? To steal and lie with impunity? Is it for stealing stuff from Second Life? You steal dragon avatar from SL, you use mults and fake ip, you always scream around like a bitch. And you want to people trust you? Are you sick? So, this is only I want to say for you: На твоем родном языке и в твоей быдляцкой манере. Мне тотальнейше поебать на тебя и твои кукольные разборки. У меня таких как ты в реале по сто человек в день быдла. Базарить с тобой далее не собираюсь. Иди уже нахуй, пожалуйста. В бане.
Touche 28d
Thank. With this, you proved that you are the administrator of the sacrarium. and you will be responsible along with White A. Deed and Nimfettka Deeda.

Well, in response to your obscene attack, I’ll say that Caprica and I are different people. In real life, we are husband and wife. This is known to all grids in OpenSim.

And don’t forget, please. All correspondence, including personal correspondence with you, is documented and will be attached to the rest of the evidence of your crimes.
Another confirmation of your absolute technical incompetence. You do not see differences between a grid and a region. ))) I maintain my region on my own server. This is called "self-hosting". And you call yourself "professional"? You make one site for a year and only 80% ! Oh, sure I m "black cardinal" the Great marshal of KGB and The King of Darkness , Terrible ruler of death)) And my grandpa was Stalin. LOL Attach it to your evidences of my crimes. Ссученный.
Touche 27d
In any case, your grid will be destroyed. You do not understand who you contacted and what consequences await you in the future. You can say what you want. But the time has come. And the more you resist and lie, the worse for you all. You have threatened many people. And many have suffered from you. Now you will pay for your actions.
Caprica 28d
You blame lies, but lie yourself. You know who I am. If you doubt it, then you can ask your friend who communicates with me in rl. We are two different people, why write a lie if there are people who talked to me personally.
Chanel 28d
Personal struggles in other places, it's just laughing, hey Sam I didn't know this about you, you look like an angry kid and I don't value your argument you're part and you've been to the whole game with and without The Sacrarium, do you make music? Think about making music XD don't answer me I don't have time for these crap of yours and I don't even read you .... Keep Calm and don't Break our Balls
Touche 28d
Do you remember this? https://ibb.co/qdxWBJs
was it not enough for you to cheat? Can I tell you how they respond about you and your colleague in personal correspondence and conversations?
How cheap can you sell your essence?

I stood up to protect you and got a knife in the back from you and your girlfriend.

Liar and hypocrite.
Chanel 27d
The difference between the two of us and that if I have problems I don't break the balls here at all, I resolve with whom I need. The difference between the two of us is that I am normal but you are crazy and not even funny, with this little theater you have shown normal people like me that you are a fucking crazy
The worst drama is you, here you have started this madness, they should denounce you for all that you have written and defamed, this is the principle of instigation to hatred, I do not understand, so the problems are solved? have you done the your comfy pigs in the Sacrarium and you're not a saint, you're just a dickhead
bye bye SAm GAME OVER !
Touche 27d
Lying. You dragged us and Caprica into your conflict a year ago. You wrote personal messages to Caprica asking you to intervene in the conflict and influence White. Stop lying. liar.
Chanel 27d
then ? perhaps you were useful for the language, omg but in your language I now only read "liar", "I have conversations", "I have the screen", all these people don't give a shit! Do you understand this?
Touche 27d
Please stop. I don’t know why you need this, and why you came to this topic. This is not your topic. And it doesn’t concern you personally. You have already shown what a liar you are.

The destruction mechanism of this grid is already running. Why more words?

You better run out of there.
Chanel 27d
yes please stop this hatred, threats and insults, people do not want to know, they are your problems, we just want to have fun in opensim, how? our dicks, everyone chooses his game and not break the cock to others, yes STOP, fuck and have fun !
Denma 28d
What on earth makes you think nobody can recognize you because they did not want to be on your friends list? That is hysterical. Yes, I rented land there. It was no secret. How else do you expect a grid owner that gives away free content to recover server costs if they do not rent land? I also gave money to donation because rent was so cheap. I do not think that is a bad quality.
It seems to me that this drama is between two people. Why involve other people, grid, and region names? How many regions in the metaverse contain at least one or more content objects of dubious origin? What is this drama really about your hurt feelings or sandbox toys? Not trying to be judgmental, but this long post seems a tad over exposed and maybe not entirely true.
Touche 28d
For my part, there is no personal hostility to them. All I have listed are magnus and white are the owners of the sacrarium. They blackmail and threaten the owners of other networks. I have evidence of this. They have offended people for two years now. Everything that is written here in the comments is 100% false. I believe this network has no place among other grids. sacrarium must be destroyed.
the grid has to be destroyed? You use opensimworld for your private war ???
If I were owner of opensimworld, I would remove the full post.
Take your fight out among you. Opensimworld gets a bad name through something like that.
Touche 28d
Yes. It is this grid that must be destroyed. This is not a personal war, I repeat again. You have no idea which liars and scammers own this grid. They are deceiving people. You do not want to understand me, but time will tell who was right. When they dare to personally send you a threatening letter, you will change your mind.
Успокойся ты уже !!!!!!Выпей валерьянки ...пятнами покроется тело.....давления повысится !!Нервные клетки не восстанавливаются!!!Хватит уже шашкой махать ....всем уже понятно какой ты тут воин ))))
I still see nothing here, which substantiates the allegation because of the threatening letters.
Touche 28d
They are. And they will be published publicly in the next part. I wrote about this in an article. At the moment, we are preparing an evidence base against two Sacrarium administrators. They must be legally responsible for blackmail and threats.
like to visit in the Sacrarium regions. So far, I have met there only friendliness. If there are threatening letters, then please follow the legal procedures.
It's just a COMEDY ... it makes us have fun every day ... all the right people are laughing at you ... you're just a loser ... putting up with it ... and doing creativity .... HOW DO YOU KNOW ... how you described here ... for yourself, it is only .. since many will be afraid to deal with you after your fantasies ...
Yes, you convinced me to open a store in your area ... which I really regret now ... you did not give me land for housing))) I have my own land))) You made a sign for the store! ! !))) I don’t use it))) you didn’t help me with the objects, and your “holy girl” also didn’t help which they are threatening here))) ... yes ... you forgot to write about the script for the mill)) ) which does not work))) you exaggerate your significance ... if you remember everything in such detail .. write how they helped you !!!!
Не наследить,Лёня, надо было,а оставить след...
после себя,а не за собой....Пиши романы ...Фантазёр!!!
This is exactly the same as taking a forum that has not been working for a long time and the same map that it describes.
You can make 9 more parts then publish a novel named "My secret life in the Darkside of the Evil Sacrarium Hell" or "Sacrarium Survivor - The Untold Story"...while we wait we must stay calm enjoy this amazing game and never buy in Opensim :)
Touche 29d
* Out of respect for you, I deleted this message. *
It would take many of you to silence me :-) Time heals everything you will recover :-)
Touche 29d
I wrote you a private message. And here in public I want to say that these two can betray you the way they betray others. Be careful with these scum.
White Angel is my brother we had the same paths in Opensim, we love this game we change it for better everyday no need to say more!
Touche 29d
He also called me a "friend". What came of it - you see for yourself. Let's better chat in private messages. Once again, I did not consider you personally my enemy. But what you do is different from what he says.
Just my personal no relation to a second life.
Are you a fool, or how they were uploaded to our server are stored with us were created with us And here is the second life, if you have any requests, fill out our simple form and we will delete
Sheesh that touche from caprica really go around bashing other grids and why keep going bashing that can go on forever in years? Why can't he just shut up and go to do his things in his own ways!!
He really have a big problem and he need to get his head examined!!

Being bully and harassing at other people on that scararium or other grids is not acceptable!!!
The only thing you can do with the shitstorm is that you increase the traffic from the Sacrarium.
Apart from that, the time of witch burning is long gone.
(Sorry, Google translator)
Touche 29d
Later on in my blog I will tell the grid administrators how to permanently block access to the sacrarium and Kazakhstan.
Barrakuda 30d
Вижу тебя парень трясёт уже. Ищешь компромат на меня.)))
Barrakuda 30d
Парень... Ты хочешь войны? Не выводи меня из себя.)) У меня много сайтов и я могу многое. Я тебя прославлю!)) Ребята... Он нас всех за идиотов считает.))
Barrakuda 30d
Оо... Да Леонид Александрович у нас лихо собирает донаты.) И контентик у него посмотрите откуда на регионах!! )))
I see a life-threatening man here...a lot of people turned their backs on him ....but he sells .....will remain one
Boystrike 30d
Touche (Sam Adama) where are all the comments that were dedicated to you about your essence? you deleted everything like a coward
Boystrike 30d
Touche (Sam Adama), Caprica Grid-you are a real coward,you delete comments with the truth, leaving your lies. You are a miserable creature, not a man. Be honest with people and let them read all the comments, do not delete what WE write, be you a man, not a coward. You are a liar!!!
Barrakuda 30d
Слушай, дорогой.. Скажи о цели твоей статьи! Ты просто обиделся что что-то не дополучил? Или ты просто хочешь чтоб на тебя обратили внимание?) Похоже ты хочешь сказать что сам без греха! Сомневаюсь. Так помалкивай в тряпочку. Смотри... На всякую хитрую и наглую жопу найдется Кое что большое с резьбой!
Toche did you stolen Dragon avatar from SL and now you blame someone else? Very nice. Are you really so stupid loser? You will not surprise anyone with copybot in OS but you surprise with your stupidity.
Barrakuda 30d
Похоже этот Тоше обиделся, что не нашел себе подобных в Сакрариуме. Вот и происходят у него соответствующие выделения. Вопрос... Может он сам педофил или пидор?