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becca_kershaw becca_kershaw posted September 20, 2019, 02:16

Time to stop The Rumor mill!

An open letter to the Open sim community . There is a rumor going around the HG that because Club Equinox is owned by a lesbian and has a large girl presents that it is a lesbian club! Let me clear the air right now Club Equinox is not nor was ever a lesbian only club! We welcome everyone man, women or Transgender people even Furry's and fairy's. What we do offer is a Drama Free and fun place to party! It is not a strictly lesbian club as some have tagged us to be, As a mater of fact the majority of the girls that come are straight girls in relationships with guys! So for those that are starting this rumor you had better get your facts in order before you spew your racist comments. Thank you and see you at Club Equinox! Becca Kershaw owner and DJ of Club Equinox.


Caprica 28d
Very strange rumors. I attend your parties and are attended by both women and men. There are no prerequisites that this club is “girls only”. Only those who have never attended parties can say this. Everyone who comes to the party just chatting and having fun))) There have never been questions about gender in this club and there are no restrictions on this topic. It seems to me that the sexual preferences of the administration should not be the reason for such rumors, this is a personal matter for everyone. For all the time that I was a guest in this club, I did not notice any oppression by gender, here guests are always welcome. Thank you for your work and the good mood that you give.
I am an entertainer in this club. the atmosphere is always that of lighthearted playful banter and great music from the many talented DJs Becca has hired. a great working environment and lots of different people of all races and genders welcomed happily.
wicked 28d
I am a single woman that is straight that goes to Club Equinox from time to time. Never had anything but fun and friendly good time. Great music, and great people is all I can say. Yes, I have seen men there. The nicest people I met is becca and xaria .. ect...

wicked way