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Arielle Arielle posted September 19, 2019, 14:12

Firestorm changes ahead

An interesting and important read for Opensimmers regarding Firestorm and its future compatibility to older sim releases.


Arielle 23d
From Ubit (Core Opensim dev)


We have been informed that Firestorm team changed again their
policy about OpenSimulator support.

Reading their statements we can only understand that they changed
from having a forgotten, basically dead fork, to just provide a AS IS

They also inform us that AS IS will mean addiction of code just
copied from Linden Labs viewer and removal of other code may include
what they call old protocols.

Firestorm team has the right to do whatever they decide, no
question about that.

Such "AS IS" Firestorm viewer, in the terms currently defined by
them, CAN NOT be accepted as viewer for OpenSimulator/Opensim.

We all hope this is just some misunderstanding/disorientation
facing the real technical difficulties.

But since we can't predict when or what a new release "for opensim,
almost for opensim, or whatever" will be, and knowing that just new BoM
code may cause issues on all version but current dev master...

I must recommended all to NOT UPGRADE TO SUCH VERSIONS, and inform
all your users to no do so, until this situation is clarified.

Best Regards,

Ubit, (Leal Duarte)
Its basically a bad thing has been recommeneded by opensim developers NOT to upgrade your Firestorm from the current versions. All future versions will be "as is" and if it works for you great, if not , oh well. Windlight will be going as well and so on
Great post Arielle and Thanks :)
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thanks Arielle good post !!
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