Arielle Arielle posted July 22, 2019, 16:11

Another thread disappears!

Starting to wonder why the more interesting threads disappear when they get to a certain size. What is up with that? Does the original opening poster delete it or is it is being removed by the site admin? Inquiring minds would like to know so as to not waste time and energy posting when it will just get deleted anyway for breaking some unstated rule?


JustynTyme 23 days ago
Criticism is always good to receive, (with-in reason) it helps build a better relationship with people. It also helps make your grid, region or parcel better. Customer service here is great! I find no issues with them.
DollyDot 23 days ago
You are lucky , I never get an answer here. The worst costumer service ever if you ask me.
Susie_Wong 24 days ago
agree it will be deleted be it negative post´s be it complaints , only not to stand there negative ,
Criticism is unwanted by many .
that resembles a sensur so continue here honestly his opinion to say, time wasted!
DollyDot 27 days ago
I have this same experience. I take time to make pictures and write a text and it only stays on the page for a minute and BOOM gone. I even contacted the admin of this page to ask why, but also there no answer. Costumer service is not very good here:(