LouCypher LouCypher posted June 23, 2019, 02:58

Searching free outfits shopping for old avatar males

Searching free outfits shopping for old avatar males (no mesh bento avatar)
but please not the kelly stuff :)

best regards


Lou you might need a good alpha that covers all your body and leaves hands and head out, then you will be able wear last mesh fashion and quit that 2005 look ;p ;-)
travislonghorn 18 days ago Plaza
LouCypher 18 days ago
will check it , Thanks
travislonghorn 18 days ago
Cool Stuff there. look inside the huts. Multiple complete male and female avatars with skins, shapes, hair, clothes, jewelry, accessories, etc..
LouCypher 18 days ago
Yes is not a LOT but good stuff ;) Thanks
Destiny257Seranade 19 days ago
You might want to try the Emporium!
LouCypher 18 days ago
thanks will check!
JustynTyme 26 days ago
Linda Kellie has most of it too!
I have the whole collection
LouCypher 25 days ago
The kellie stuff is truly basic... i search something more sophisticate :)
Freelife 27 days ago
find some male system clothes in Foundation Grid - Freckles Region - not a lot but some ;))
I assume you mean old as in system avatar (non mesh) as opposed to old as in avatar appearance
LouCypher 26 days ago
thanks i will check!
daniel30 25 days ago
look here
LouCypher 24 days ago
Thanks Daniel i will check!

NICE PLACE but nothing for Old avatars .. (no mesh)