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LouCypher LouCypher posted June 23, 2019, 02:58

Searching free outfits shopping for old avatar males

Searching free outfits shopping for old avatar males (no mesh bento avatar)
but please not the kelly stuff :)

best regards


Lou you might need a good alpha that covers all your body and leaves hands and head out, then you will be able wear last mesh fashion and quit that 2005 look ;p ;-)
travislonghorn 3 months Plaza
LouCypher 3 months
will check it , Thanks
travislonghorn 3 months
Cool Stuff there. look inside the huts. Multiple complete male and female avatars with skins, shapes, hair, clothes, jewelry, accessories, etc..
LouCypher 3 months
Yes is not a LOT but good stuff ;) Thanks
You might want to try the Emporium!
LouCypher 3 months
thanks will check!
JustynTyme 3 months
Linda Kellie has most of it too!
I have the whole collection
LouCypher 3 months
The kellie stuff is truly basic... i search something more sophisticate :)
Freelife 3 months
find some male system clothes in Foundation Grid - Freckles Region - not a lot but some ;))
I assume you mean old as in system avatar (non mesh) as opposed to old as in avatar appearance
LouCypher 3 months
thanks i will check!
daniel30 3 months
look here
LouCypher 3 months
Thanks Daniel i will check!

NICE PLACE but nothing for Old avatars .. (no mesh)