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Touche Touche posted June 22, 2019, 09:07

Hey club DJs! We have some words for you!

Hey club DJs! Caprica Underground Mafia invites all DJs who play club sets to take part in our events on the OS, SL and on the radio stations. "Caprica Underground Mafia" is a promotional group of musicians and producers who promote virtual DJs in virtual worlds and in real life.
We have extensive experience (since 2001) in organizing and conducting real club events in RL. Now we have focused our efforts on virtual DJing and radio broadcasts. We provide our participants with live streams at the best parties in virtual worlds and organize true dance shows in our many nightclubs and radio broadcasts.
Join the Caprica Underground Mafia right now and be in the best virtual party lineups.
We offer accompaniment of your performances with graphic products: professionally made posters, flyers, leaflets. We provide advertising of your performances in social networks, on our websites, in promotional pages and event pages. We will ensure high-quality professional mastering of your works in our sound studio, with the subsequent publication and promotion of your sets in social networks, websites and on the air of our radio stations. We guarantee to all our DJs free streams with unlimited bitrate and number of listeners for life. By agreement with our partners (regions), or in our grid, we will provide you with free virtual housing.

The founders of Caprica Underground Mafia are DJs with extensive professional experience. Join us right now and your booking will be scheduled for the months ahead. 100% of donations - yours forever.
All you need is to join the Caprica Underground Mafia group on Facebook and contact the admins of the group in a personal message asking you to join our team.
Look for us in-world: Sam Adama, Caprica Cylon.


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