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Ride Back Estates Back Estates 0 Users
Hello farmers! Yes this region is for farmers and future farmers. You must join Ride Back Farmers group to live here. FREE parcels includes a home and a barn and the new updated SF Satyr Farms Kit. also includes upto 1600 prims. Ask for details! YEEEEEHAW! lasso up a horse and come on over! 9 Par...
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Heritage Station Station 2 Users
Annie Moore Home & Garden Annie Moore - Home furnishings and full perm home interior wall textures. Add a splash of color to your world {The Skinny} Hair Salon! There is a Freebie version of each style I mean come on DEMOS? A thing of the PAST! Looking for a FREE mesh Avatar? We have the RUT...
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Happy Valley Valley 0 Users
3rdLife Grid full sim version of the Satyr Farm. Come check it out and find the little extras we added
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Ride Back Farm Back Farm 0 Users
A full region farm, with so much you can do, yes! you can work the farm come check it out! Filled with fields, hives, animals, fruit trees and all of these and much more you can work and have fun with. Just join Ride Back Farm group and get started.
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Land Ho Ho 0 Users
A Native American territory (Choctaw Tribe) with canoes, horses, Teepees and Pow Wow circle. There is a small working (Satyr) farm in one corner for even more fun. Enjoy!
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Muspelheim_2 0 Users
By The Book, Gorean roleplay, Authentic Gorean Pani, Welcome Center For Pani, Gor, Role Play, , Torvi, Larl, Roleplay, Slave, collared Girls, Kajira, EDO, Asia, RP , Contract Women, , bond, japan, geisha
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Hells Kitchen Kitchen 0 Users
Welcome to Camalot farm medieval world ... Fishing an Camping is Allowed ... RP farm ... Games to play ... Big Castle ...
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