Golden Shopping
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Gloebit currency, freebies, group gifts, free to copy, and others, ... furniture, homes, tree houses, plants, flowers, wears & jewels, animated food & drinks, tobacco, free cigarettes, decorations.......

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Goldenmoon Golden Shopping posted an update
Have fun with your living room.... new group gift with a menu to play with the colors You'll find it near the landing, where the free jukebox are
5 hours ago
SpoileDivaCarissa Dreamgrid 28 posted an update
Grid is back up and running!
8 hours ago
logansryche LogansWorld posted an update
All the prims have been converted over to mesh except for the entertainment area so there are 9 single huts and 2 2rm huts. I'm also trying to make a terminal renter but not sure where to start so if anyone knows how, do let me know. Ending prices will be G$10/day for 200LI. Enjoy your visit and hope ya stay! Logan
12 hours ago
Calnia Local Colors posted an update
Here is the link to a short video of our Aretha Franklin tribute tonight. Thank you to Lite House for giving permission to share this. https://www.dropbox.com/s/07e2gla8foj56xq/DiscoveryGrid.wmv?dl=0
13 hours ago
Freya12 Club Equinox posted an update
The party is just getting started at Club Equinox, DJ Camila is playing the latest dance hits. Come and join in the fun
21 hours ago
AlmaMiranda Sacrarium posted an update
The maintenance is complete. Welcome to Sacrarium grid !
23 hours ago
HavenGrid Winter World posted an update
Due to revamping the grid some regions will "temporarily" be unavailable.
24 hours ago
HavenGrid Fairy Island posted an update
Due to revamping the grid some regions will "temporarily" be unavailable.
24 hours ago

mari posted a comment in the region Damour Enterprise Four
não consigo visitar essa região:/ meu nome e mia colucci grid ausgrid e no adreans-world e marcolina marrocas
2 hours ago
logansryche liked the region SERENITY-Mont-Saint-Michel
3 hours ago
Shai liked the region Paradise Flat
6 hours ago
Goldenmoon posted a comment in the region SERENITY-Mont-Saint-Michel
very nice work, thanks
7 hours ago
Caroline posted a comment in the region Golden Shopping
Met the owner there ... She helped me a lot not caring about spending lot of time with a new one who didn't know much about opengrids.... And the free...
8 hours ago
MissLisa posted a comment in the region Opensim Sailing
Hi went to have a look at Decadence but found all the shops empty. I hope it's just my computer playing up. It's a great sims I love it. :)
8 hours ago
dj_astro posted a comment in the region #Eros Beach
Eros Weekly Meet & Greet with DJs Tripl3 Troubl3 & The Events Team! 8pm est Fun games and giveaways.
8 hours ago
eaglewealth liked the region LDU Clutterfly
8 hours ago
Amantha liked the region Wyldwood Bayou
11 hours ago
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