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Welcome at Paradox! Enjoy the beautiful city, relaxing at the park, meeting people and listen music at the café, or wander in free shops around the roads.

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FleshGordon Late Night Swingers Resort posted an update
Club Raizit is Open! Original Club From Original Eros is Back.
10 minutes ago
Copper Gateway to the Stars posted an update
We now extende to a 2x2 var...Of course under construction as this needs time, as all builder know..Everyone can see whats going on so far ;-) But agasin because of díncreasing drama people n OS: Be...
9 hours ago
Tomi_40 Fox Club Arena posted an update
Let`s Party jedes Wochenende ab 20 Uhr Let's party every weekend from 8pm
2 days ago
Panthera Dune-Water posted an update
Panthera Grid is quite new grid as it been around about 4 months old now. Welcome centre have most freebies clothes & avatars for new residents. Gloebits enabled Shops! All shops are free to lease! A...
2 days ago
julinha New Day Island posted an update
AVIWORLDS is hypergrid enabled and we are now offering FREE land! FREE 4096 sqm with 1250 prims for you to build your home here with us! Lets build this community! https://avi-labs.com/
2 days ago
AlmaMiranda Circus posted an update
ST. PATRICK'S Sacrarium Grid Get your green on and stop by Circus Region this St. Patrick's Day! Lucky you. 16th and 17th March 1pm SLT, great fun with green clothing, you are welcome Music DJ Ch...
2 days ago
mikehart Redlight City posted an update
New Film Studio just added at Redlight City Behind the hug Store. Using ChicaDelic Creations Holoscene Rezzer which has 3 scenes that can be rezzed and played in. The Dungeon Scene, The Bedroom Scene ...
2 days ago
Clydar Dragoness posted an update
What's new? WOW! Dragoness has undergone a major change! Now next to Sanctuary, Dragoness Mall is an elegant Urban Restoration site! Don't mind the bones underfoot, there were too many to get rid...
3 days ago

falene falene liked the region Safe
1 hours ago
Wykd1 Wykd1 posted a comment in the region Wykd Desire
I Would Like To Thank Everyone That Came To The Opening, Very Awesome Crowd :)) Hope To See All Here Again!! :)
4 hours ago
Manuel Manuel liked the region Globus1
4 hours ago
MikeV MikeV liked the region Wykd Desire
6 hours ago
Copper Copper posted a review of the region Afes
Attention...that sims were in other grids before and was banned by copyright violations, as well as from sec´xual child BDSM! No matte rwheát they try here to make you believe. Avoid the gird! Its a r...
7 hours ago
balin balin posted a photo to the region Safe
9 hours ago
Alexina Alexina liked the region Nightsky 28
9 hours ago
Monica Monica posted a photo to the region Frozen
12 hours ago
EldCornHEHELV EldCornHEHELV liked the event Wykd Desires
13 hours ago
Kubwa Kubwa posted a comment in the region Hogwarts-Fantastic-Beasts
Damn, it rezzes awfully slow... "Arriba, faster than everything" yeah, except rezzing XD
13 hours ago
Zinnia Zinnia posted a comment to the Event
Due to start now
13 hours ago
Kubwa Kubwa posted a comment in the region Hogwarts Forever
Way too laggy!
13 hours ago
EvaNoir EvaNoir posted a comment in the region Welcome SC3D
Hello two days I try to come to your grid but I can not leave this message no regions found with that name I hope to solve soon good day
16 hours ago
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