The Last Utopia
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aztec8888 Seaside Dreams posted an update
A new vegetable garden has been planted!
1 hours ago
aztec8888 Gallery No.8 and Town Center posted an update
Spring and Summer fun! Please visit the Gallery for new art work! Tonight 5/22/18 New movies are available at the Lodge and The Beach House. In addition, a new live concert will be shown at the Roving...
1 hours ago
Bigmike01 LBIND MainLand posted an update
we are currently remaking and resizing the sim to a var region.. bare with us as the construction continues
3 hours ago
Panthera Brittia Plaza posted an update
Panthera Grid is a young grid and we have region land selling for $4.90USD for 20000 prims as well there are other regions of any sizes on website.. Welcome centre offers freebies, furnitures, hangou...
13 hours ago
JimmyOlsen Tromso posted an update
FLORA HUDs PACK NOW FULLPERM! Rez all sort of trees, aquatic plants, shrubs, flowers at ur sim and change seasons with a single click! 22th MAY18 VERSION now is FREE and FULLPERM - U are even autho...
15 hours ago
LyudmilaPavlichenko The Harbor posted an update
Sorry guys, the harbor has sim be crashed by Jangarcia.sabra@vartown-grid.ddns.net:8002 of vartown grid a well known alt of the of owner of this grid Hans Nerido, we will be back ASP, TY https://gya...
15 hours ago
Neovo.Geesink TENYEARSMETRO posted an update
PARTY TIME at the region TENYEARSMETRO!! Get a HOP, and If you are in Metropolis, Get to a Teleporter, and select 10 Years Metropolis.
3 days ago
JimmyOlsen Tromso posted an update
VIKING MUSEUM UPDATE! (19th April 2018) More free and fullperm stuffs available for viking and gor fans :) Have fun :)
4 days ago

Maven Maven posted a comment in the region Welcome
Hello, I'm trying to find an email address to contact Foundation Grid regarding a DMCA notification. Does anyone know what the correct address is?
8 minutes ago
andersom andersom posted a photo to the region West Life Brasil5
12 minutes ago
Swizzles Swizzles posted a comment in the region Cerise
I love this region, I've been trying to get back there all week though and it's down :( Hope it's back soon
56 minutes ago
Mara Mara liked the region Welcome
57 minutes ago
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1 hours ago
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1 hours ago
andersom andersom liked the region West Life Brasil5
1 hours ago
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4 hours ago
David08 David08 posted a review of the region neustadt
A good freebie place, they don't use fake virtual currency to control who can get the items like Pride city and Mare welcome does, Mara needs to open her eyes as she lives on the number 1 copybot grid...
4 hours ago
thedeeferry thedeeferry liked the region Lovers Paradise
5 hours ago
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8 hours ago
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9 hours ago
Mara Mara posted a comment in the region The Furniture River
thanks :) I'm glad you like it and enjoy it as much as I do
9 hours ago
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