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The valleys were started in 2006 as a furry-only community and ended in 2017 with the death of one of the founding members. The valleys are now in OSGrid on vars and are here for anyone and everyone l...
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KiraWhitehawk Wyldwood Bayou posted an update
This week we completed the Voodoo Circle, The Abandoned Asylum, and the sinking graveyard in the Black Swamp on Wyldwood Bayou. The Asylum is an especially fun place to explore, especially during the upcoming Halloween season.
12 hours ago
Freya12 Club Equinox posted an update
Don't miss DJ Cheryl Foxx's debut at club equinox, come on down and join the party.
2 days ago
logansryche FurValleys posted an update
Hey everyone! Have some parcels to give away for FREE!!! The giver with the landmarks is next to the donation terminals. Parcels range from 4800m2 to 14,880m2 and more will be given away soon! If you're looking for a friendly community to join bit want freedom in your downtime, this is it.
3 days ago
cayoun Failte posted an update
A little Halloween-Shop: Article for Halloween and Costumes for regular - and Mesh Avas
3 days ago
Kalina_Blackheart Dark Gordian posted an update
A Newer Sim Dedicated to the BDSM Lifestyle. Events hold that kind of Theme. Discussions on BDSM held every Sunday at 1pm. Events at the Club held every saturday starting at 4pm Digi Time. Come out experience Dark Knot! You will be glad you did!
3 days ago
logansryche FurValleys posted an update
Welcome everyone! We also have a website thenet.miraheze.org and soon have a discord group as I want this to be a community worth being a part of.
3 days ago
JaniaCleanslate Paige posted an update
Hello Everyone! The Social Mouse will be offering Free Full regions (22,000 prims) - Available to all residents until it is gone - one per avatar ( we can see your ip and will ban if you attempt to scam ) (couples and families welcome ) Please See Social Mouse or Nikki Mouse for more information
4 days ago
RaylanGivens Otherworld posted an update
Several new buildings out free for the taking. Come by and take a look!
4 days ago
Sexy.Lady BlueStar Bay posted an update
Almost ready to have a Open House` Grand Opening of BlueStar Bay:)) Fall is here we have some Halloween Freebies:))
6 days ago
IntrepidBoudica The Conglomerate posted an update
4 New Boxes with amazing free top mesh for you all :-)
6 days ago
Bonnie Haven Farm posted an update
Hi Everyone. We are announcing we have Haven Farm and Haven Safari regions. The Haven farm is a Satyr farm with plenty of freebies for you to enhance your own farm. We also have a Box of Satyr farm if your want to start your own. And we also Have Haven Safari with lions elephants and more. Rez a vehicle or fly around and explore. We hope you enjoy your visit. Here is the link to the farm and you can use the tp board to get to the Safari. Enjoy! :) thehavengrid.outworldz.net:8002:Haven...
7 days ago
master MasterLandiaPort posted an update
MasterLandiaPort have a little store with mesh avatars and clothes.
9 days ago
JimmyOlsen Tromso posted an update
VIKING MUSEUM * NEW ARTIFACTS RELEASE** Some few but new stuffs for u viking /gor RP or sim decor Ive grabbed somewhere and available free and fullperm for visitors :)
9 days ago
Freya12 Club Equinox posted an update
The party is just getting started, come on down and join the party! DJ tony foxx is rocking the joint for the next 2 hours
9 days ago
LyudmilaPavlichenko The Harbor posted an update
Container 20181006 arrival @ The Harbor. Enjoy! ;)
10 days ago