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Houses, tree houses, little blue castle, freebies, group gifts, trees, plants, flowers, fountains, vampires, fairies, mermaids, western shops with decorations and complete shopping mall for sale, Chu...

Luv Plaza
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This grid is intended as a playground for developers, scripters and builders to try out crazy new ideas that the powers that be would never allow on standard, production grids. It's definitely not fo...
Teddys Shopping Mall A
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Lucky Chairs, freebies, over 30 group gifts, tobacco, animated food and drinks, BBQ, dressing tables, pianos, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, office furniture,free jewels, wears, sleeping ...
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A place to shop for furniture and decorations for the home. A selection of fountains and pools are available. The Curiosity Shop has much to see and buy. Be sure to visit the train at Wickenshire Sta...
Belem A
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The Greenery with a crescent number of plants and decorations evolute into a vast luxurious Var region. You will find the Tugastic freebies shop, with my home decorations and furniture. The Victorian...
Sardar Fair A
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The entry point for Counter Earth is the Sardar and Sardar Fair. HUGE Gorean Market 165 vendor Stalls - all Gorean content- Recruiting vendors NOW- rent is FREE must have Gorean Content! www.cou...
Lbsa Plaza
4 Users 44 likes 5 comments Social lounge - Check the New Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out. Freebie starter avatars available here.
Tropical Life A
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Still under construction and testing so be nice ;) It is just a place to come hang out with friends and play with the water toys .. Bring some friends, hang out, drive some water toys, fly some...
Genesis Park
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Welcome Home, Genesis MetaVerse is commited to being cost effective, Hypergrid enabled, Regions start from $7.95 a month, you can even grab a 30 free trial region. Our new and vastly improved welco...

WaydaDreamscape WaydaDreamscape posted a review of the region ANGELICA
This sim is very organized, lots of new freebies, no lag. You see it was made with love no pressure no rush. Saw no noob or old creations there. It's mainly dedicated to furniture but with a lot more ...
4 hours ago
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4 hours ago
WhiteAngelDeed WhiteAngelDeed posted a review of the region Coney Island V
5 hours ago
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5 hours ago
italianmeat italianmeat posted a comment in the region Transylvania
When going to this land, Kitely pops up a box saying "This World is Suspended "
8 hours ago
Snakedance Snakedance liked the region Sex Island
11 hours ago
justin justin posted a comment in the region Sex Island
OMG - so great! :)
11 hours ago
Snakedance Snakedance posted a photo to the region Sex Island
11 hours ago
justin justin liked the region Sex Island
11 hours ago
atazoth atazoth posted an update to the region Script Magic
We have new scripts added this month in Script Magic to the Buildings, effects and miscellaneous categories. Cover your sim in fog or zip from floor-to-floor in an elevator with one of these scripts. ...
13 hours ago
Chrisclark Chrisclark posted a photo to the region Transylvania
13 hours ago
TyphaineArtez TyphaineArtez liked the region Oualie
14 hours ago
Thirza Thirza posted a comment in the region Pangea
Just such a beautiful region. well worth visiting
15 hours ago
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