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This is my new var region that replaces ScotsDale and ScottsDale! It is a 2x2 meaning it is the size of 4 sims put together. Ride the dragons and horses with NO more sim lines! Woot! Visit the Clan...

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Lumiya Lumiya posted an update
hello i add some decorations for july 4th and Costumes!!!!
IntrepidBoudica The Conglomerate posted an update
WIP new BENTO Head FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! https://gyazo.com/953ff8f6523efdbb77a9b8e441618d84
2 days ago
eaglewealth AusMall posted an update
Athena 5.0 Mesh body out in shop at AusMall at Ausgrid.
2 days ago
Bigmike01 LBIND Mall posted an update
Nw Mall/shops are now open to public.. You may browse what we have or even setup a shop of your own for free.. Come check us out.. If you have any questions ask Dragon Moorlord
3 days ago
AlmaMiranda Cursed heaven 2 posted an update
Stay Rock 20 June, 12:00 SLT in Sacrarium Grid Music Rock Band Hurricane Chanel Rewell Jos Bookmite We are street artists
3 days ago
Marianna GCG Communications posted an update
Wanderlust Bluebird has a phenomenal region you should explore https://www.gcgsun.ca/magazine/wanderlust-forest GCG Sun - Official Grid Magazine
3 days ago
HavenGrid Scripts Library posted an update
Added some new scripts to the collection. Drop by and check it out.
4 days ago
LyudmilaPavlichenko The Harbor posted an update
Athena 5 is out!!! Enjoy :-) !!!!!
4 days ago

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TjPleidesBarcelos posted a comment in the region Cym Cariad Quay
Beautiful Sim I will have to come back again. Very Peaceful
1 hours ago
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4 hours ago
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7 hours ago
PiggyBear posted a review of the region Golden Shopping
XXL, beautifull & ...... FREEBIES !
8 hours ago
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