Shinobar Annex

Shinobar Annex
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YES, ALL FREE! Scripts for vehicles, tour ride. NPC dance balls. Outfits for Ruth 2.0 mesh body, also for non-mesh.
Any object, not only in the shops, is FREE to copy in the Shinobar regions. Visit Canyon, Borabora, Izumo and Shinobar Gate.

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Touch me, move the zipper up and down.
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JOG comes back! Not fully, but mainly recovered after 3 days blank due to the typhoon disaster. Thank you for your concern. ... website is down, which may explain why I can't get to JOG at the moment (ATM) 2 other regions in JOG are showing offline (unknown) as of 5 hours ago, but Shinobar Access is showing as still online. It's a bug, a glitch, a whatthefrickever. :)
Shinobar and JOG grid are hosted through the University of Tokyo and currently their under a Typhoon warning and the power may be out in areas. I have friends in Japan that keep me up to date on such things :D
Todays experience in getting to Shinobar Annex was a fail from 2 different grids whether I used the copied address from OSW or even removed the region name and jumped to the grid default region. OSW is currently showing that the region is online. It all could be just another time thing. :) I mean since this go around resulted in a diff experience since my last.
Would the university update the server or servers JOG is on ya think? or is it something else.
shinobar 25d
Now we are back! Shinobar regions and all the JOG SIMs are now on back from a hole day scheduled stop.
TY.Dog 1 months
Wish I could visit (: 8 times I have tried, 8 times I have crashed before everything is rezzed and crashed mostly just as I land.. TY Dog 3RG Rock Grid , anyone have a solution please let me know.
shinobar 1 months
Sorry for your inconvenience. I am not sure why, but I will reboot the SIM frequently.
No solution from me TY.Dog. I to had problems at this region, but no crashing, just periodic viewer freezes. I suspect the regions probs could be fixed with a region restart, as I found a few other regions to be just fine on JOG. Only time will tell..... if the owner dosen''t. :)
wicked 3 months
Friendly greeter, great helpful items. Ty for letting me shop and visit. hugs

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Very nice! I love regions like this. Quirky and fun.
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