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Welcome to the Fur Valleys on OSGrid! We're a memorial estate from Second Life and are here to provide community for Furs, Nekos, Otherkin, and others. All residents/group members receive a free house and land with prims however. We're no longer offering full regions for rent in the spirit of what OpenSim stands for and have thus resulted to a donation based method.

Thanks for visiting and let the Fur be with you,

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Pride flags are now up next to the welcome center! Don't like em? shame on you.
7 days ago - 0 comments
Will be working on the memorial wall today so if anyone drops by and says hi, that's where I'll be. In the meantime I have 19 10x20 forever apartments for whoever wants em and their free w/unlimited prims. I'll also be putting up a suggestion box next to the donation box. The smallish beach area wil...
7 days ago - 0 comments
Updated the avatar vendor in the welcome center so now there's a fox, 2 huskys, 2 dragons, and a couple others. Might get around to doing some neko stuff, just not sure yet. It's all part of the process, believe me.
8 days ago - 0 comments
10 days ago - 0 comments

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JustynTyme 1 months ago
I visited no one to be found lol
logansryche 1 months ago
most are active in the evening time, thanks for stopping by ^_^
Freelife 6 months ago
Kudos great land prices for opensim FREE TO $10 BUCKS for full regions - wow
chamillamocha 6 months ago
Welcome to a drama free environment! You can smell and feel peace...Check out the prices and prims, the best ones in OS!! There are also free parcels!! The Fur Valleys, a Grid where all virtual races are accepted...Don't believe me, come and check it out yourself!!

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Great place for Adult Furries! Good job my buddy! Always love going there to have a chat or too and look around.
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