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Oceania Mer Gardens
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Pirates and Mer people, mermaids&mermen, and Gypsies live in harmony sharing the island. The pirate village includes Arcadia Asylum items. In the gypsy half of the land, gypsies have their caravans and gypsy tower. Tarot cards can be read- if u cross their palms with silver. In the oceans find the mer world. There, the mers have their mer faire. And all sorts of aquatic life joins in the fun. Explore and find Nemo's outpost of his laboratories. Freebies!

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So much to see, it is amazing! lovely areas everywhere, as for the Church. love that. and the gypsy wagons and the mers and the boats and the villagers...and ...LOL I could keep going, Do yourself a favour and go visit!

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PowerOfGreen 6 months ago
would love to come but Canadian grid I logged my HG avi from OS grid and it said ok but will not go thru
Chole.Braven 5 months ago
hope u got through : but am told two thing confuse is that use the grid hopper authorization and no (http): and no( /) at end hope that helps and am sorry u ran into this problem. once authorized never have to do it again for this grid tys
falene 6 months ago
nice city, and
super city under sea too
Chole.Braven 5 months ago
wow from u Falene that is a compliment .. your one of the best !!

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and underwater greedy table .. yes custom made for Mermaids/men by Jimmy Olsen
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