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We are a BDSM Oriented Grid.
18+ only
Also you can find a lot of shops,a City,
Darkness Sim and a nice Winter Wonderland.
New Regions coming soon...

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mikehart 3 days ago
Please be aware if you buy here you will use your Gloebits.
SilverMare 2 days ago
NO!!!!! We dont use real money. It´s just virtual money !!!
Thor75 2 days ago
Yeah a way in which you can control who should get free items and who shouldn't, as if people visiting really want to stand around all day waiting for there letter to come up, if you really wanted to provide opensim with free content then just make it free and stop all this fake virtual money bs
SilverMare yesterday
Thor I think its not your business.
It is not a MUST to visit us. We have the Virtual money for better entertainment and more fun. If you dont like it,stay away. Our content is and stay free. Or do you think tht virtual money is real? haha. Have a nice one
Thor75 yesterday
are you an idiot or what, where does it say that i think your fake money is real in my comment? nowhere. maybe you need some glasses, fake money for entertainment thats the stupidest thing i have ever heard, just face it you like to try and control who can and cant get free items on your grid.
SilverMare 22 hours ago
who the fuck you think you are????? Dont annoy ppl here and make your own business. Stop posting here. Noone said that you must come to visit us. Now look for your own fails and leave Virtual Life and Mare Grid alone. All people like the fact with Virtual money... Never say idiot to ppl you dont know..... Seems youre a lil boy who needs attention.
Dave43 16 hours ago
All people like the virtual money? what planet are you from, the most popular regions are full freebie regions not ones with fake virtual money crap, thumbs up Thor your right they just want to control who can get freebies and who cant
iekocatnap 29 days ago
Beautiful region and shops thank you to the owner
cayoun 2 months ago
English is not that difficult, that you publish such mistakes "orientated", nobody knows what that means or what is required on your grid. shame on you, who knows English so well.

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