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Currently under re-construction, back with you soon.

A far flung island in the North of Gor, where the bondsmaids work hard, and the Jarls make good with raiding and revellery.

Join the free Farm group, if you wish to try out the farm.

Skjern has moved to Avalon grid and will now be online 24/7
Please bear with us, while we get Avalon grid set up properly.

The old Skjern shop, can be found in Port Kar, on Counter Earth grid, a new version of the shop is being updated in Coll on the Avalon grid, TP available from Skjern Docks.

Above all.. Enjoy :)

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Zyon0 2 years ago
very nice place
JimmyOlsen 2 years ago
Nice SIM :)
cayoun 2 years ago
I would like to convey my respect to you. been on many gor sims, but still not as nice as those found here. Thank you for being open and admiring
Sylvia 2 years ago
A very nice Place..... I like it so much.
I met Rarna and she is a very nice and helpfull Woman.
I will be back :-)
VictorDeAngelo 2 years ago
Although this sim is well done, I ventured into the home area that provides all of the freebies but, due to not seeing the small private sign, did not know that taking any items was by invitation only, thus, after explaining the same to the owner, I was kicked out anyhow....I would suggest that clearer communications on this page would avoid such offensive and uncalled for behavior.
Rarna 2 years ago
Thank you for your comment Victor, we have moved that area now, so there is not further confusion, all areas of the sim are now available to public :)

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Great ... and great builder ... Snow
5 star plus for this beautifully designed sim!! Fun and design! LOVE it ! Lady Rarna the Administrator of this sim is one of the kindest most helpful people on Counter Earth Grid and when you go to her city you will see her beautiful design abilities. Every one should visit this beautiful city.
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