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Nightsky 28
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Houses, furniture, clothing for men and women, skin, hair, and more!!! All free !!!
Yes I have mesh bodies, mesh furniture, mesh clothing, mesh shoes. I am continually searching and putting out new things. Take a copy of what ever you wish. I LOVE GIVING THINGS AWAY AND MAKING THE HYPERGRID MORE BEAUTIFUL!!!

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SpoileDivaCarissa 14 days ago
I am sorry guys I been away I just found out and change the hyergrid address so you can get to the store now. I just jumped from osgrid there with no problems .
TrizariaHunter 14 days ago
JUST TRIED BOTH THE MOONGLOW.UK.TO:13100:NIGHTSKY 28 AND THEN THOUGHT WONDER IF IT WORKS FOR THE TWILIGHT SO ENTERED IT IN THE MAP AS 28 and got the same thing...teleport failed Identity could not be verified...this was a hypergrid hop from Eros Resort
Robdevon 15 days ago
ok i think u need to update this page with the new HG address bc it still has the old one the moonglow one
AussieEnvee 21 days ago
Nightskys Address has changed to Nightsky 28
katnips 18 days ago
just tired this url as well as the one to the right of the page tjhis one says does not exist any more and the 1 to the right says identity can not be verified :(
Spiritdove58 1 months ago
I tried going here and my Browser pops up a red flag saying its a phising site and warning to leave? whats up never got that before
SpoileDivaCarissa 1 months ago
I have no idea what you are talking about. I don't get that.
ShaggyCollins 3 months ago
Nice place, lots of good stuff!
SpoileDivaCarissa 7 months ago
PamellaEaston 8 months ago
Nice place, and it seems to have cool goodies too.
Unfortunately the mesh stuff didn't rezz by the time I've been there.
iekocatnap 8 months ago
very nice place, thank you for free items !
paolafamelli 8 months ago
Amazing place!
Spiritdove58 9 months ago
Aussie is awesome love that guy..
Spiritdove58 9 months ago
ty wonderful person
WizardOfIsles 9 months ago
just so cool, ty 4 thinking of us
Elise_Dior 9 months ago
Totally awesome...tyvm for making OS so much nicer cause of all of the really cool free it
WaydaDreamscape 9 months ago
Had to return to make the LM to give everybody :-)))) Lots of original and new stuff, put an avid consumer here he will buy no more for weeks :-))) SpoileDivaCarissa you share and you care you make many people happy and opensim great a big thank you for your love time and dedication :-)))))))))
SpoileDivaCarissa 7 months ago
Wayda thank you so much but you do the same thing.....I always hear wonderful things about how much your give. I think all of us givers are great for making opensims a much better place. I love it!
Edina21 9 months ago
What a lovely place. It's nice to be able to see the furniture out on display :)
mysticmoonlight 9 months ago
found me a few new outfits here and some other great stuff ,,,awesome place carrisa and ty for sharing !!
OttovonOtter 9 months ago
Lots of dresses and female pants I haven't seen yet on other places or I haven't seen with these textures. They have a male department, too. No lag, textures loaded within a few seconds. So, there's no reason to not going there now, check it out!
(Boxes in the air, this gives a half point deduction :P)
SpoileDivaCarissa 9 months ago
Oh Ottovon shame on you!!! hehehehe hey I am working as fast as I can.....
SpoileDivaCarissa 9 months ago
oopsee 9 months ago
whoo hooo, live to give .... love it
VictorDeAngelo 9 months ago
Carissa's sim is a total celebration of the reason why OpenSim was freely share with each other. Kudos to her for what is a marvelous region for all to enjoy!

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I changed the hypergrid address since windows updates killed the old dns. You can now get in the region without a problem. If you still have problems let me know.
14 days ago - 0 comments
Well well well It seems that some people take full advantage of having a place to rez by leaving and not taking up their 700 some odd prims.....tisk tisk tisk. So unfortunately no one will be able to rez on the stores land anymore .i DON'T MIND A FEW PRIM BUT OVER 700????...I also have locked down my cars since people don't put them back where they belong. COME ON FOLKS CLEAN UP BEHIND YOURSELVES!
2 months ago - 2 comments
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