Planet Earth 28

SpoileDivaCarissa SpoileDivaCarissa posted an update April 16, 2018, 19:09

Well well well It seems that some people take full advantage of having a place to rez by leaving and not taking up their 700 some odd prims.....tisk tisk tisk. So unfortunately no one will be able to rez on the stores land anymore .i DON'T MIND A FEW PRIM BUT OVER 700????...I also have locked down my cars since people don't put them back where they belong. COME ON FOLKS CLEAN UP BEHIND YOURSELVES!


dalgato 5 months ago
That's to bad people can't be nice and clean up after them, I was just at your grid last week and drove some cool cars but i however made sure to put the back. You have a very nice grid
SpoileDivaCarissa 4 months ago
thank you ... I liked having the place open so new folks could rez and get dressed. But I can't keep picking up a ton of extra prim