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Mini Grid of Ausgrid and also Freebies to grab nice things.

Avatars Mesh male and female, Male and female mesh clothing. And more other items. All free! LOVE Things FREE! Freebies for Furnitures,Garden,Linda Kellie freebies, Relaxing areas.
Note: Open map and put this

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KrypticKayos 8 days ago
Hi, all. Asgard is Ausgrid is AusMall is all one in the same. All is up and running and the address above should work. The mall is in Holiday mode and there are some photo both areas on the top floor of the hair area. There are now also some decals for walls d├ęcor for homes and clubs in the building next to the hair building. More to come as always. Hugs to all and Happy Holidays.
ausgrid 14 days ago
hiya JaniaCleanslate the grid is fine but something not working when people try to HG TP to my mini grid dont always work and some saying that region not found or website not found which is a mystery.
JaniaCleanslate 15 days ago
No region found for me either - Hope the grid is okay
eaglewealth 18 days ago
hiya Spax Orion i fixed it and now working. Whew!! grid found on map is working and i tested HG and works.
Panthera 18 days ago
Hiya SpaxOrion try it again now and i think i fixed it. It probably do to with ports on router ugh.
SpaxOrion 18 days ago
Cannot access this region anymore... region not found.... I made several attempts this week and no dice :(
steviedeannz 2 months ago
AWESOME much stuff that I can't get it all in 1 trip :)
eaglewealth 2 months ago
hehe thanks Stevie! :)
Morgenstern 2 months ago
Ave! It is a grid where I find a nice peoples! Awesome place with a lot of freebies. \m/
KrypticKayos 2 months ago
I need a home where I can be myself with friendly people, high quality location, easy to move , and stores I can go to as well as hangouts. I found that and way more.. I love aus grid .. 5 stars and plus
WaydaDreamscape 2 months ago
Lovely lovely place with all FREE :-))))))))))
New bento content and top quality mesh cloths Ty for sharing Kylie :-)))
Honeymoon 2 months ago
Beautifull place ! ! !
oopsee 2 months ago
All hail FREE !!! Super free shopping & thank you so much --
SpaxOrion 2 months ago
This is a pleasant region with friendly inhabitants. Well worth your time to visit. =D

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