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We are pleased to announce that we have done some upgrade to our Freebie Island, two new malls added and a live stage for soon to come, live events.

Bring a truck and come and shop till you drop lol.

All are welcome!!! Explore!!! Have fun!!!

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SEXY !!!, SEXY!!!, SEXY!!! LOLLLLL,i guess from my name ,it is quite obvious that i am obsessed with sexy things, from sexy cars to sexy house, then sexy clothes, to sexy body shape/parts like ass, legs, man abs, to sexy kitten and definitely sexy MEEEE. This game ,particularly this region called ...

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DeeJayRocksU 9 days ago
Um I think we should meet & you could dress me better, cuz we have the same thoughts,
Thanks for the new stuff & ideas :)
idara 17 days ago
woww, really love this placeee, y'all need to check out this place, let us mash up da place boy!
Antonio 20 days ago
Very good works thanks :)
dirtylatino 21 days ago
geeeeeeezzzzzzzz, this place got me looking "dirty" for my dirty dance class tonight, definitely coming back
sexyG 21 days ago
sexy, hot, spicy, these freebies are to die for, i want more!!!!!!!!!!
idara 21 days ago
yipiee,yipiee,yipeee,awesome sereen place,lots of new stuffs,can't get enough!!!!!!!
richard01 21 days ago
A great place .......come have fun.!!!
claire 21 days ago
Wow****nice place you've got here,you got to check out the outfits here,they are amazing, i love the ladies outfits more,they are wonderful.
Star 1 months ago
I like what i see here,trust me you'll visit often and you'll enjoy visiting.
etihad.etihad 1 months ago
Fantastic region!!
Ken.chapter 1 months ago
This is one of my favorite region, the view is really beautiful, nice shopping center. Thanks for making the region available
kingfola 1 months ago
this region is very beautiful, nice and quality items, am happy to get free and beautiful outfit for my avatar. thanks to the host of ggj world....good job!!!!
ximena007 1 months ago
Wonderful place to visit..,Great serene..,elegant dresses .I LOVE IT!! am sure you will do to.
idara 1 months ago
wooowww beautiful region, i particularly love the vixen dresses!!!. zig is one of my best grid owners,niceeee!!!
Nub1a 1 months ago
The free stuff at Oualie is pretty cool and the layout is absolutely lovely! I love going to Oualie. I encourage everyone to visit there. You won't be disappointed!
italianmeat 1 months ago
WOW !!! Beautifully laid out for all your freebie needs :) Tons of quality mesh freebies and Thank You for making this place for all of us to visit :)
ggjworld 1 months ago
You're too kind :). Thank you so much Itallanmeat... Bless up!!!
oopsee 1 months ago
fantastic grid, zig and stare are the nicest owners .... huge selection of quality free items --- must take a semi truck to get all home hahahahah
ggjworld 1 months ago
Greetings brother oops, we love you... Thanks much :).

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