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Male & female mesh clothing, mesh bodies, fun avatars, full avatars, avatar atachments. Everything freebie, shops available.

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Bravo Otto!!!! You make many people happy, guys like you are heros in Opensim!!! TyTy!!!!!

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Sugawara 2 months ago
if you like stolen goods, this is the place for you!
OttovonOtter 1 months ago
Doesn't make sense to me to answer this again. Don't waste my time you troll
FidelCastro 2 months ago
"The revolution is a dictatorship of the exploited against the exploiters." Mike if you want to cry more or chat you know i can for more than 8 hours in a row. This Sim is Amazing and is serving so many Ty Ty Ty hate lost, LOVE Wins!!!!
Touche 2 months ago
Pls. Go back to Sacrarium, Otto.
OttovonOtter 1 months ago
I can't go back to where I just moved to. However, this is not a constructive comment.
FidelCastro 2 months ago
No way amish grids will have to ban all grids that share freebies lol
KrypticKayos 6 months ago
Great sim! Always lots of great items in a very visually pleasant set of stores. Everything you need and more. Always easy to get to..
OttovonOtter 6 months ago
I let it slide for some weeks, all my fault. More stuff coming soon :)
CandaceLarganta 7 months ago
if you like stolen goods this is the place for you!
OttovonOtter 6 months ago
there's nothing stolen unless you prove the opposite and until you do so, defamation is a crime ;D
falene 7 months ago
OttovonOtter 6 months ago
Thamks for your feedback, falene :)
VictorDeAngelo 8 months ago
The next time I come here, I will have to bring a large pickup truck to carry everything back to my sim...Great job and thank you for keeping the Open Sim FREE spirit alive!
OttovonOtter 7 months ago
Cool, please leave a fullperm-copy of the truck in the rezzing area :P
Thanx for your comment :)
oopsee 9 months ago
we love you otto, super free shopping experience !!! Thanks for all the goodies and time you put into making an awesome experience
OttovonOtter 9 months ago
I love you too and the universe and stuff. :D
Glad you liked it.
MamBaby 9 months ago
Very well done shopping. A wonderful sim, so much work. Thank you for sharing.
OttovonOtter 9 months ago
You're very welcome, thanks for coming by :)
rmcguitar1 10 months ago
the best clothing freebies I have found. I met the owner and was a very courteous and helpful person. thank you Ottovon
OttovonOtter 9 months ago
There are many other places, check the teleporters in the welcome area!
And thank you very much for your kind comment :)
AlmaMiranda 10 months ago
Мне нравится то, что я вижу здесь, поверьте, вы часто будете посещать, и вам понравится!!!!!!!
OttovonOtter 10 months ago
спасибо за ваш любезный ответ. я рад, что вы это нравится
Moora 10 months ago
THis is the absolute best shops for mesh bodies and clothes. I highy recommend a wonderful place to visit
OttovonOtter 10 months ago
theres still a lot to do, but i'm glad you liked it. There are many other sims for mesh bodies and clothes, hope i get the teleporters to work asap
OttovonOtter 10 months ago
We are back now, thanks to DorenaVerne. Some things still not work like some teleporters and all groups are gone, you will have to rejoin.
oopsee 11 months ago
yewww hoooo ... best ever ... bring your semi truck !!!
OttovonOtter 11 months ago
Thank you for your comment. Semi trucks will arrive soon XD
CherryManga 11 months ago
Thanks for the store here Otto, and a lot of cool creations of yours to see.
OttovonOtter 11 months ago
I'm the one who has to say thank you :) Looking forward to making the opensim world a freebie paradise :D
CaipiraAeon 11 months ago
Nice mesh
OttovonOtter 11 months ago
Thank you, but I didn't make the meshes. I just collected them, made more textures and alphas and put them into a shop :)
MartinikaPearl 11 months ago
It's a very nice clean and organized new sim with lots and original mesh for our needs, many skins too, both male and female which is rare.
Thank you Otto for sharing so much, i'm sure i will return!
OttovonOtter 11 months ago
Thank you for your comment :) And my thanks go also out to the creators who share so much!
WaydaDreamscape 11 months ago
Why do i love this Sim :-))))))) It's a must!!! Thank you Otto :-)))))))))))))))

And Male Avis you have to LM this!!!! ;p
OttovonOtter 11 months ago
Thank you for your comment and for your big help in spicing it up :D

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