Mesh Clothing

Mesh Clothing
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Male & female mesh clothing, mesh bodies, fun avatars, full avatars, avatar atachments. Everything freebie, shops available.

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oopsee 1 months ago
yewww hoooo ... best ever ... bring your semi truck !!!
OttovonOtter 1 months ago
Thank you for your comment. Semi trucks will arrive soon XD
CherryManga 1 months ago
Thanks for the store here Otto, and a lot of cool creations of yours to see.
OttovonOtter 1 months ago
I'm the one who has to say thank you :) Looking forward to making the opensim world a freebie paradise :D
CaipiraAeon 1 months ago
Nice mesh
OttovonOtter 1 months ago
Thank you, but I didn't make the meshes. I just collected them, made more textures and alphas and put them into a shop :)
MartinikaPearl 1 months ago
It's a very nice clean and organized new sim with lots and original mesh for our needs, many skins too, both male and female which is rare.
Thank you Otto for sharing so much, i'm sure i will return!
OttovonOtter 1 months ago
Thank you for your comment :) And my thanks go also out to the creators who share so much!
WaydaDreamscape 1 months ago
Why do i love this Sim :-))))))) It's a must!!! Thank you Otto :-)))))))))))))))

And Male Avis you have to LM this!!!! ;p
OttovonOtter 1 months ago
Thank you for your comment and for your big help in spicing it up :D

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