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Male & female mesh clothing, mesh bodies, fun avatars, full avatars, avatar atachments. Everything freebie.

If you can't reach the Sim or crash after teleport, please tell me here or inworld! Greetings!

We are still working on teleporters to provide you the experience are used to. new SIM TP HUD (v.6.0) now availabe at Welcome Area.

We are moving the Sim to This will take until May 1st. During this time we run both Sims and both can be temporarily closed for public. We apologise for the inconvenience.
New outlets opened on Meshclothing: Darkwolf's Fetish Shop for men (20, 128, 22). Red Star Design outlet of interactive clothing for men and women (112, 184, 22) and Funny Shirts Factory, also for men and women (97, 180, 22). Coming soon: MB Creations (184, 98, 22) with lots of new stuff for men and women.
We also moved all furry, fantasy and child avatars and clothing to the Hobbit Home (...
There are some good news; new mesh dresses at Shop43 at 130, 34. We now also offer AOs for male and female avatars at 124, 236. BDSM furniture is now available via TP, we cooperate now with the Sim 'Freebie Fundus' in the same Grid. They also have more mesh fashion for men and women.
We opened 2 new shops: AlCapone Menswear for male mesh bodies (74, 31, 22) and Chain's Fetishwear for male and female mesh bodies (64, 165, 22). Currently looking for BDSM furniture shops to link with. Contact me here or inworld (Otto.vonOtter
There is a new shop index out, all old landmarks will not work any more. Please visit us, you will get it at arrival.
Cherry Manga's outlet is currently not available, please visit her at

The SIM had to move to another Grid due to technical issues. It all happened very fast and not everything works like it should yet. I'll keep you up to date.

Follow me on Google and fight for your right to look good!

Klamootto, the twin sim to mesh clothing and SL DRAMA FREE ZONE is now open to public.


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Luba Serpente Bravo Otto!!!! You make many people happy, guys like you are heros in Opensim!!! TyTy!!!!!
Fidel Castro Gracias Muy Bueno!!! Viva la revolucion! Ty Very good no capitalist shop! Long Live the Revolution!
DjStereo Sleiman good place to have a good time and meet new friends and always updated runs to what you expect !! and the owner a good friend and friend of all!
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Man kommt nicht rein, beziehungsweise Fliegt gleich raus! daher die hohe Anzahl der Avatare.
You can't get in, or rather you're about to get out! hence the high number of Avatars.
vladimir 1 month ago
I crash every time I go to teleport to your house
Copper Tomsen 14 days ago
Me too :-( Otto: Mach mal was ..Nach 5 Versuchen..da stimmt was gewaltig nicht ..Dauer crashes sind nicht lustig
Otto vonOtter 1 month ago
Thank you for telling me, i will restart the sim later tonight and hope it helps
~Ya~MaHa~ 2 months ago
Sorry you are sad MisticCop .... but "traffic rating
4th "says everyone else is very happy)))
Passion Jumanji 2 months ago
A must see, go to, everything is awesome and free! One place stop n shop on the go . . . you don't seek . . . you won't find! Quality wares at there FINEST! Ya really can't beat the price!
OpenSimLounge 3 months ago
Crashing everytime I TP there
Otto vonOtter 2 months ago
I'm sorry to hear and we're working on a solution. Please be patient.
Defiled Fraggle 2 months ago
Insta crash everytime, same here
Otto vonOtter 2 months ago
I'm sorry to hear and we're working on a solution. Please be patient. Greetings
Zeus2485 Anton 4 months ago
Thank you so much stuff :)
Otto vonOtter 2 months ago
You're welcome! Sharing is caring!
Power OfGreen 5 months ago
FABULOUS!!! wow the clothes are wonderful :) wooot ty Otto!!!
Otto vonOtter 5 months ago
I'm glad you like it. Btw. I have a little shop free and want you to put some teleporters to your place there, lets talk inworld.
Rakis Heron 5 months ago
A long time you was off nice to see you had missed you.
I see you change the domain. Welcome back and good luck.
It shows good the old sim in the new dress congraz ;-)
Otto vonOtter 5 months ago
Thank you, glad you like it :)
(It's always a pain to change the grid, but this sim is expensive for the host, so I need new supporters from time to time.)
Krystal Moon 6 months ago
I got into the Var welcome, but crashed again when I tried to tp to your region:(
Otto vonOtter 5 months ago
It should work now, it needs a restart from time to time. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Krystal Moon 6 months ago
Hiya Otta, are there grid issues, I seem to be unable to hyper into your region . Kx