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Winter has arrived at Novale! And winter and end of year holidays have a lot to offer. Come and visit our xmas market, enjoy our many winter activities such as ice skating, country ski and sleigh tours, hot air balloon, toboggan and snow saucer rides and dancing on ice.

Come and participate to our Nutcracker Collectible Advent Hunt from Nov. 27, 2016 to Jan. 7th, 2017é

In all seasons, it offers a diversity of natural habitats and country side hangout places and activities with a particular attention to integrate adequate ambient sounds to enhance visitors's immersive experience. Novale also changes to reflect our North American northern seasons. Special activities include in Autumn stage: The Haunted Valley, Boat Tour, Balloon Ride. Do not miss HG Safari on Nov. 16, 2016 3pm Pacific time

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Bink 9 months ago
NOVALE is one of the most beautiful regions in OpenSim.
Thank you Dabici - you and your partner did a great work!!!
Dabici132 9 months ago
In this new video, we showcase our new cross country tours.
italianmeat 9 months ago
A wonderful place to explore or to enjoy, and lots of freebies for those looking for them but the land is set up fantastic with so much to see. I had planned to be here about 10 min but wound up staying over 30 minutes. Got lost in all its beauty. Thanks again Dabici and Thank You for the warm Welcome to your land :) :)
Dabici132 9 months ago
Thank you for visiting us, and for your words of appreciation.
Dabici132 9 months ago
have a look on my 1st machinima showcasing the Sleigh ride destination : Bretzel Mill
Pasha 10 months ago
Perfect Christmas Thank you
VicTaurus 10 months ago
Island beautiful, with freebies of excellent quality, exemplary reception, Dabici a very attentive person !!!!!

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