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Touche Touche posted October 31, 2019, 12:33

The problem of spam and bots can only be solved with two-factor authentication

On the screenshot: is another "sacrarium 1-day freak"

On the website, you can enter registration using social networks. Facebook, google, twitter. This will significantly reduce the flow of fakes. Also, you must enter a confirmation of mailing addresses.
Moreover, you can enter the IP filter by country and unscrupulous users.
In all of this I can help the website administration.


it seems like only ting you care for is to try find ways to hurt sacrarium 24 with lies and fake accuse.
cant you just idk stfu and move on if your that but hurted by them taking action for your betrayal to try hurt a good community. because your jelly for their successes. keep your shit together and if you cant keep your problems in your grid it was fun at first because i realy dont like you. to see you mad you totally deserve the suffer because your betrayal.
but you're starting to become really annoying and borderline obsessed in stalking that grid and trying to lie seeding fake news and trying to hurt the community.
sacrarium isn't your business.
and your in no position to judge about something special because your ignoring rules as much as everyone else here in this community stop lying and accusing hiding behind fake story's and rules that you your self brake al the time to...... if you cant work together with the some of the community just cut your self off from them and ignore them. ..
_used google translator_
Touche 7d
Pedophiles do not have rights on the Web. And remember: you are the next target for us. Be careful.
You are the most vile person !!!! Do you call us "Pedophiles"? .... You are an idiot !!! In real life, we all have children ... this is not acceptable for us !!!
Wouw big words and big accusation....
but means little sins it comes from your mouth sins you call pritty mutch evrion a Pedophile thats using anime or kids avatar's.. but stil kinde funny touche becose as fare i know wen i joint opensim and found out about hypergrid you use to be the first avatar that was using a anime loli kemono build so i guess that meens your Pedophile to "Cheetos.Brat" <-- for a guy that tinks he is smart are you pritty clumsy hiding your alts and login ip's pretty easy to put a folder together that wil put your words strait into the garbisch bin evry time you post what ever your think wil help to hurt samone ther are no facts or old news or lies is it pleasing you that others seem to response to them makes it feel you less lonely or something if so the are lots of other platforms to find new friends or meby you need a curses to how to control your weird and funny thoughts.. but theirs no need to do it becos pretty much all know your borderline obsession and lies by now. and i my self dont feel like lowering my self to your low life level sins i acsely have better tings to do than just stalking and trying to find ways to seed more toxic drama and lies. its a wonder your still aloud to post your fake news and drama. but at the same time im not surprised sins you are like a snake sliddering your toxic shit wherever you go and abandon your contacts like the are noting. moving on to the next alt next name next community and repeat your circle.
Please report fake accounts using the "report" button in profiles
opensimworld using a acound to seed canser is that aloud in if not i wish to report Touche for inappropriate behavior / hate speatch / false accuse /cyberbullying / stalking. sins ther's no button to report i hope you can read this. im sure you have read his acsions al over your platform so i don't see a need to collect evidence.
Touche 1d
After your master declared war on me personally a year ago, after all of your crowd intimidated people with your ridiculous “lawsuits”, after your pack of bastards insulted my wife several times, they shared my wife’s personal data in public access, after a Kazakh personally threatened me and my friends in correspondence, after your fraud with fake ratings was punished, after you all poured tons of insults and dirt on me personally for a year - you, pedophile bastard dare to blame me or owner of this resource? Are you all crazy there? You need medical attention if you allow yourself to behave this way. After all this, you dare to blame ME !?

Oh, believe me, you are now standing on very thin ice. You are not dealing with the infantile bot master. I will not write empty threats. Remember, if I still answer your dirt, then you still have a chance to escape. If you stop hearing and seeing me, then this will be a sign that there are hours left until the end of your criminal circle.

Stop blackmailing people with your accusations. And stop thinking that all around you people are idiots. We see and hear everything. Your every step. tell your Kazakh that he crossed the point of no return and that he no longer has a way back.
who did give this gremlin food after 12 o'clock?

too much mental breakdown typing and it al comes to the same old story anyways.. Touche i guess your repeat button is stuck
btw dick head im the 1 reporting your so this comes from kohakugrid24 different grid different owner different community if you did your research from day 1 you sure have figured that out by now.. when you pult me in your drama bullshit and your delusional id's and mest up brain.... before you linkt my domain to a drifrent grid. difrents between me im just a contend develper i dont give a rats ass what ever happens to you or me. so go for it.
I don't see "report" button in profiles as I looked everywhere and no button exist.
here you need one main button to turn "off Touche"
Touche 21d
Good. I will do.
Please do not forget to remove my bots from the database that I created for this topic.: "Metasploit", "HahBOTFuckWhiteAndBetty" and "FakeSacrariumBot". Thats all my creatures. (If I forgot about someone, you can see my sessions on the server. I and my Wife use three IP addresses only)

The video that I wrote for you is unlisted from now on YT.

...And.. Thank You.
Touche 22d
All servers store logs of visits, which indicate the address, type and version of the browser, plugins used by the browser, the type of operating system and some other information about the visitor. Moreover, the server firewall stores the IPv 6 address and MAC address of the visitor. If you are illiterate in this area, this does not mean that the people around you are the same.

Your every transition, every click and every action is registered by the server. Even if you use a proxy or VPN, then information about you and all your bots is recorded and you will not be able to hide.

The website administration has all the data on your bots, which can be deleted with one line in the server terminal.
Think it over. Maybe you do not have a place in the network among civilized people? Maybe you get back to where you came from?
You need to think about how you spend your life ... Instead of trolling users.

Семки и пиво хлестать в подворотне среди гопников - это ваша жизнь. Туда и возвращайтесь

(Sorry for Russian lang, guys. It's a personal for this bot. No insults there.)
I speak German, English and Dutch.)))
Touche 22d
i don't care
meget dårligt