opensimworld opensimworld posted August 13, 2019, 01:03

Drama Comes to OSW

What would life be without drama?. We all love a good dramatic performance, and even reward good dramatists with Oscars. Being good lovers of drama ourselves in opensimworld, we decided to introduce two new Dramatic features to the website:

1. We are introducing the new Drama group. This zone is especially reserved for outbursts of emotion, adrenaline explosions, and generally high drama. We will be moving here any public threads that we feel are worthy of an Oscar from now on. Who knows, maybe we ll have an actual awards ceremony in the end.

2. We will be removing comments from Dramatic users from the frontpage. Those selected users will still be able to create comments and everything, but those won't appear in the frontpage. If a dramatic user feels that they no longer want to be dramatic, they have to contact us using the contact link

We hope you enjoy our new dramatic improvements, and we wish happy drama to everyone. And if you don't enjoy them, feel free to respond with an outburst of drama.



Brilliant!!! 7 Stars Idea :))) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
RachelRose 4 days ago
OMG! SUCH a great idea..!! Congrats ♥
PowerOfGreen 5 days ago
Great idea!! yes!!
TY.Dog 5 days ago
An Excellent Idea, keep Drama in one place or send it back to SL :)
JimmyOlsen 4 days ago
I wish it was trully possible eheheh
cayoun 5 days ago
An excellent idea! Finally, stop the childish doing on and about postings. If you love drama, you should subscribe to this section!
JustynTyme 6 days ago
Why would you even post this, This just draws attention and you're encouraging this behavior, by creating a drama section, wrong thing to do. Good luck.
logansryche 3 days ago
in all fairness there's already a drama section of the osw discord, having an actual group for it where folks can hash stuff out and not on the main page will be helpful in the longrun. When potential visitors come here and see all this stuff they get turned off by it and either go back to SL or stop virtual worlds alltogether. Important to keep an open mind in such things, yes?
abernice 5 days ago
are you kidding justntyme ??? You are the biggest drama queen on opensim ... lets chat about child nudity hahahahaha
opensimworld 5 days ago
Actually the point is to keep drama contained in one place