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lunalunaria lunalunaria posted November 22, 2019, 16:39

OpensimFest 2020 Open to Merchants

For all Opensim merchants: in addition to having the regular non-commercial exhibition areas for OpensimFest this coming March, we're adding a separate merchants region to the festival that will be Gloebit enabled where you will have available space to showcase your products. I am spearheading that portion of the Fest and will post more info as we go along. For now, here is the website you can follow for more info as it becomes available:
You can also contact Luna Lunaria directly on OSGrid, Ourgrid Life, Kitely, or Digiworldz
As a side note: we haven't yet posted merchant guidelines on the website or set deadlines for registering. I'll post those here as we know them.


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