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PurrfecttKatt PurrfecttKatt posted November 19, 2019, 05:56

Region name changes and beacon stops

My region Five O'Clock Somewhere has a beacon or hacker problem? When I go to opensim I find my region coming up as Cirrus and it says GCG. I reset the key etc, but the problem keeps reocurring. How can the name of my Region and grid be changing and what should I do?

Purrfectt Katt


If someone HAS taken a copy of your beacon, and you have the key on the notecard it can/will show up on their region details. Get a new key, change the beacon key, and make sure NO copy and all should be ok
oopsee 14d
me too,
region is welcome
name changed to hope island
set new beacon and fixed it but in 30 mins back to hope island
set new one again and we will see
something is fishy
and it is no copy
HanHeld 20d
Heh I wish I'd seen this before sending you an IM telling you about Discord. Live and learn -good luck!
u sure the beacon object is not set for anyone take a copy of it? it happened to me a long time ago and i figured out everybody could copy it.