JimmyOlsen JimmyOlsen posted July 3, 2019, 00:20


ATTENTION PLEASE* - I was told some Grids are copying ENTIRE SIMs and selling OARs to residents.. To avoid that happens, go to *ABOUT LAND*and on tab *OPTIONS*, unselect the *RUN SCRIPTS* and *OBJECT ENTRY*.. select it for the group only.. so they cant copy anything on ur sim or the sim itself. thx :).
Before someone calls me of being hypocrite, yes, i used a lot of copybotted stuffs in my sim (despite of not have copybotted objects there myself). but hell.. i hate when people copy it to sell... WTF lol

PS. Discussion opened to people talk about it (if it actually works or not)


Duallingual 6 days ago
Country ban? Sounds interesting, but it will not work. IP adresses can be changed using a VPN and Mac adresses can also be changed. It is not that easy at all to stop people from copybotting. It is always good to stop people from rezzing objects, build and using scripts. I think you just have to accept the fact that those bugs cannot be killed. And yes all people will have the same region, with the same buildings and same fashion. All avatars are look alikes. To those who do build them selves even if it is old school building, BRAVO !!! Probably your items will not be stolen. You only will have to deal with idiot comments on social media or here:) But at least you are not a thief:)
Sobriety.Sux 5 days ago
Country ban is not only possible but working on some grids as I write this. You will need a VPN to bypass a country ban. The people who steal will not pay for a VPN nor will they go to that extreme when there are so many others much easier to rip from. Think of a locked door, can you break in? Yes, but why when it is so much easier to go to an unlocked door?
Duallingual 5 days ago
There are loads of FREE VPN to download, like IP vanish, it is no hassle at all. I use it to see TV programs that aren't allowed to watch in the country I live in.
Totally agree, This also prevents them to spam the DB with duplicates because they rip all that is full perms just to replace the creators name, most of them wear complexity higher than 500k and we don't need bad rip trash stored in the DB forever. Duplicates killed old metropolis database all i can say.
This Saving OAR's Hack is done with scripts not with viewers, that's why we must not let them run scripts, be careful also in public sandboxes, i see these guys ripping oar's of the sandboxes just to copy something someone rezzed.
You can play with them just name some box myTopContent full of trash and rez it in some OSGrid plaza sandbox in few mins these scavengers will rip the sandbox oar just to get your box full of trash lolol
LindaShelby 8 days ago
Jimmy be sure you trust everybody in that group, else don't let nobody run scripts in your land to prevent them to save your OAR. Since we start doing that on our sim they come grab the boxes, copybot 1 or 2 items that are not full perms and leave. Before we had them twice a week for about 40 mins saving the OAR and many times crashing the sim.
Sobriety.Sux 8 days ago
It is astutely obvious that you had never tested the methods you took the time to share. As much as I agree with copy to sell is bad, the reliable method is to screen and ban IP's or entire countries. Just sayin'
Assuming you know what country to ban, Country ban is my favorite since the collateral damage would be less that 5%, and the grid would work much better.
JimmyOlsen 8 days ago
Haven`t tested myself but a friend did and she told me it worked at her sim and wanted to share, thats all
Duallingual 9 days ago
This only prevents the land owner from people rezzing objects and running scripts ( their AO's for example ), but not from Copybotting. There are several viewers who allow people to copy items and make OAR's. I believe people know very well what is copied or not and if they want to support content theft it is up to them. There are still honest people who refuse to grab copied items and understand that a lot of content needs permission (paid for to the original creator in sl) from the creators before it can be sold in Opensim and will pay for it. To fight against these copybotters seems useless. And also don't mix up 'Free' with 'Copybotted' , because not all that is offered free is an illegal copy. It is very sad that those copybotters think they have every right to do so and bully the honest merchants in Opensim. I think the only way to prevent ( or at least make it much more difficult) people from copybotting items or even make OAR's is to have a closed grid (no hypergrid), design your own viewer and block the rest of the viewers. You don't fool me with 'I did not know this was copybotted', believe me: They do know!
Yes Duallingual we caught 20 alts accounts of Suz Blessed in Sacrarium.
bettyfl 8 days ago
The only organized bullying i have noticed so far, is coming from the other part than the one you mention
The ones busy to create beautiful regions, create great events and share good stuff are occupied enough with sharing joy and love
LindaShelby 8 days ago
Duallingual this discussion is about people that have been crashing grids, and sims, ripping full regions as OAR's and do all that only to resell those OAR's. This discussion is about how the owners can prevent that, protect the sims servers and the grid. But btw yes Economy grids will only work in closed grids no need to try that anymore in Opensim Hypergrid Grids, Top content now is in the hands of all grids and every newbie.
Good stuff corrupts and we are addicts, some admit others don't and very few don't get corrupted just like in RL, Opensim got a U turn, and nobody is here to serve the "honest merchants" Those days are over now! People grab what they want they get busy and happy, Opensim went big with so many grids and content spread, no more police and drama days, it's over now! Good luck for your crusade. :)
Touche 12 days ago
This does not work if your region is located on the server of the CB's themselves. They will just take the whole OAR at the server level. I know those personally who do that. They openly mock and boast that they "clean out the regions completely." All this is useless if you open or BUY land in such networks. You know who I'm talking about. They "do not like commerce."
Arielle 14 days ago
What opensimulator version is this that group permissions will block an oar being saved? Never heard of such a thing. Neither have i heard of a copybot viewer being blocked by group permissions.
Would love to hear more about this simple trick. ;)
JimmyOlsen 14 days ago
I was told by a friend it works. Tbh never tested though
Arielle 12 days ago
Wouldn't want to see someone get some false sense of security from this and wind up exposing something they don't want distributed. Both oars and copybot viewers will circumvent all permission checks and copy everything on the region up to and including scripts with an oar. It is meant as a backup of the region after all.
JimmyOlsen 12 days ago
Modified title a lit bit (added a "??"?) so,anyway, just for keep this discussion still opened and people talking about solutions and opinions. I understand ur point though :>)
LindaShelby 14 days ago
5 Stars Post !!! We must spread this to everybody!!!
I will make some inworld posters and maybe tell everybody who they are too ;p
Few months ago they were doing that twice a week on my sim as so many others.
But this is not fun because they have been doing this for a long time and ruining many grids as crashing many sims too!
Krystal 17 days ago
OOhh ty Jimmy, it reminded me to go and check mine and well gosh it was checked, so unchecked it . ty for the great advice :) Kx
bettyfl 17 days ago
Great post ...Thank you Jimmy :-*
NubiaKemet 17 days ago
Thank you!