Fashionistas island
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Fashionistas island has been designed as a region dedicated to fashion, styling proposals, photography and all kind of Role Play animations

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Bigmike01 LBIND MainLand Home posted an update
We have a NEW permanent place to call home.. we are still building and expanding.. so bare with us.. If you would like to lend a hand in building, setting up shop or just need a place to call home.. C...
15 hours ago
wintersilversmith Corran posted an update
Corran is hosting the 1st Annual Agri-Fair in GCG! The city of New Hope will have a 2,500 prim special event area filled with freebies promoting agriculture in the GCG.
LyudmilaPavlichenko The Harbor posted an update
Container 201800524 arrival @ The Harbor. Enjoy! ;)
3 days ago
YouCa GridLife HyperGate posted an update
Planning to setup few new regions for residents who are willing to have their plot for free. This will be a feature for active GridLife residents. Some part of land possibly will be given in use perm...
3 days ago
AlmaMiranda EXPO SACRARIUM posted an update
May 23, Miss Sacrarium 2018, the most beautiful Competition of the year in opensim, COME, Sacrarium Grid 12:00 SLT
4 days ago
aztec8888 Seaside Dreams posted an update
A new vegetable garden has been planted!
4 days ago
aztec8888 Gallery No.8 and Town Center posted an update
Spring and Summer fun! Please visit the Gallery for new art work! Tonight 5/22/18 New movies are available at the Lodge and The Beach House. In addition, a new live concert will be shown at the Roving...
4 days ago
Bigmike01 LBIND MainLand Home posted an update
we are currently remaking and resizing the sim to a var region.. bare with us as the construction continues
4 days ago

Herfulnerful Herfulnerful created a discussion topic: Rental Vendor System
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mikehart mikehart posted a comment in the region 18eba15f-e186-4f3c-8e23-961aba100437
LMAO. Just seen the Last Checked figure. It says 19 years ago.
13 hours ago
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Elbereth Elbereth posted a comment in the region Wonderland
Glad you enjoyed exploring, Lou! Thanks for the positive feedback :)
18 hours ago
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