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lolz everyone look at all the crybabies who want everything for free.
freebies are great stolen freebies are not due your part today and only support places that offer legal freebies. remember opensim cant exsit if we cant all coexist.


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oh yeah why support designers content when you can just use the stolen crap. this sign is basically saying fuck you to opensim designers who dont give there content away for free. it really is sad and not cool. freebies are great and all but cant we all coexist in opensim. is it too hard for those giving out freebies to not trash on those who chose to sell the work they put all there time into.

3 months ago
UbelRedstar 3 months ago
IMHO the best opensim and true content creators are Fred Beckhusen, Shin Ingen and Aaack Aardvark, they put all for free, they deserve all our support but who are you and what is your art and why anyone sould come to opensim to support you? are you telling us opensim must have nothing so i can sell my stuff?????????????
ValkyrieSanngrior 3 months ago
If your were a designer you would be making real money in SL, 99% of the people came to Opensim to play and enjoy not to support others artist atempts, losers from SL or economy fanboys in Opensim people run from money, you are in the wrong world time will show you that :-) It's a lie you bought! People will never come to Opensim to support artists they have better art to support in SL!
sirswaghorse 3 months ago
you do realize if you dont want to support artists in opensim you dont have to but that does not mean its fair to go around and call those who choose to sell greedy and steal there content maybe if yall want freebies so bad yall can get off your lazy asses and open a damn blender window or read a damn book on scripting.
sirswaghorse 3 months ago
just because opensim is free does not mean all the content created for it needs to be some people seem to have made up some magical rule book for opensim that says so. some people also like to act like they are being forced to buy in opensim which is simply not true if you dont want to buy content then dont but please do everyone a favor and leave the stuff that is not free alone.