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lolz everyone look at all the crybabies who want everything for free.
freebies are great stolen freebies are not due your part today and only support places that offer legal freebies. remember opensim cant exsit if we cant all coexist.


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really is sad to see all these freebie places popping up in opensim world giving away stolen content from second life . its just sad that some people have to go that far just to ensure they have freebies. this will only hurt the opensim image even more and scare more people away it also hurts the designers who put all that hard work into the content. but i guess asking people to pay for content is just to much for some. they just get so greedy that they have to steal the content cause they dont wanna support the designer and pay. literally as a designer myself it makes me just wanna go back to sl and stay there.
5 months ago
UbelRedstar 3 months ago
Are you selling SL 2004 in Opensim in 2017? you did't, you don't, and you will never impose your "art" to opensim, people know what they like or want cry as much as you want, and please let all that drama out of opensimworld the more you cry the lower you go have some dignity Thanks :-)
nellie 5 months ago
Absolutely! I too am concerned about the reputation this gives opensim generally, I dont think it does us any favours in the long run at all. I have nothing against freebies either, just ones intended for that purpose.
sirswaghorse 5 months ago
and of course i have nothing against freebies but keep them legal