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Chemical Plant Zone Plant Zone
Home to the Neon Night Club on Mobius Grid
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Green Hill Zone Hill Zone
Green Hill Zone is the welcome area of the Mobius Grid, a Sonic fan community open to all. This 262,144 square meter zone cleverly combines loads of must-haves, like shops and social zones, with some great architectural features. -Gloebit enabled shopping. -Shop parcels available to both local and...
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Meraden Worlds A region built by user JT Eyre. JT recreated the world of LoZ:OoT in custom Mesh updated just enough to look updated & have the feel of the game we all grew up playing on the N64. The region he is using is a 1024x1024 region. Keep up the amasing work JT. Region is still a work in prog...
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Stardust is an adjacent sandbox area of the Green Hill Zone sim for new users to assemble and mod their avatars.
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Twilight Town Town
A beautiful region once cut up on Second Life into multiple sky builds that holds a big place in the SL kingdom hearts community region owner Kiro Dragoon decided to bring his build back on Mobius Grid after 2 years of being closed on SL. Now you can explore his build as it was ment to be without te...
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White Jungle Jungle
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