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Bachman Zoo and Aquarium
grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002:Bachman Zoo and Aquarium 0 Users
Welcome to Bachman Zoo and Aquarium! We hope you enjoy your stay! This region is comprised of 15 natural animal habitats , including a super sized aquarium with all manner of sea life and even mermaids! All habitats have either static or animated animals or both. Each habitat was created to em...
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Castle of Doom
grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002:Castle of Doom 0 Users
Please Join us in 3rd Rock Grid as we celebrate Halloween and the festival of Samhain. This is a 2 day event starting on Oct. 30th at 12pm and ending on Oct. 31st at 6pm. The Castle of Doom region is a 3x3 var in which you will find all manner of scary creatures of the night , a nightmarish, blood d...
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Community Charlie
grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002:Community Charlie 0 Users
The home of the incomparable Torben Asp. Torben is a highly respected composer of ethereal instrumental music and a tremendously talented Particle Show creator. Torben's shows will take you out of this world with his haunting melodies and beautiful particle arrangements. Torben plays on Sundays, bi-...
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grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002:Haleakala 0 Users
This region is a virtual replica of Haleakala Observatory which is one of the most important astronomical observing sites in the world. Lying above the tropical inversion layer it experiences superb seeing conditions and dominant clear skies. The University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy has mana...
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grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002:Harmony 0 Users
Harmony is another varregion in 3RG's Event District. Several venues are housed on this region including the 3rd Rock Tavern where LoneWolf55 Genesis plays every Tuesday at 11am.
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grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002:Melody 0 Users
Welcome to 3rd Rock Grid's Event District In the spirit of community, our region Melody is the home of several music venues dedicated to bringing some of the best live music and DJ shows to our newly improved and revitalized world. We have great entertainment all week and are adding more all th...
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