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I started off in Secondlife over 8 years ago some may recognize the name. i have 7 Sims on my Grid And it's growing more it is hyper teleport enabled also the regions have voice enabled and using the module Gloebit.


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Gloebit Enabled - This is a Group for Advertisingforsims is coming a long nicely each big space i am going to allow up to 500 prims 320M for items or anything you like.Pay 1 Gloebit to the white box to rent the space for a week If you would like a bigger area and more prims let me know and we will...
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FaEscape 3 Users
Gloebit Enabled - Our Happy spot, Welcome. >> Take a tour, hang around ,learn Just enjoy Life X-D A start to a whole new region is upon us come and see what there is and what could be. Any ideas please send to me on a notecard or aurora1 darkmatter1
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reserectsworlds 2 Users
Gloebit Enabled - This is my own grid for use if you would like to use it please do it nicely and don't wreck the furniture lol
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Roleplaysim2 1 Users
Gloebit Enabled - This is a Sim i am slowly putting together for others amusement use it how you will and have fun medieval type style. ubODE enabled Also now voice enabled
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WaterWorld 0 Users
Gloebit Enabled - Start to a water racing sim also great for testing water items. After you have joined the group you can res a boat or car what ever you prefer great for testing what ever you need. Nothing like leaving the Young ones in the middle while Adults play. ubODE enabled Also now voice ena...
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