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Amiga City
hypergrid.org:8002:Amiga City
A region for the support of the classic Commodore Amiga computers - very much a WIP!
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Asian Castle
hypergrid.org:8002:Asian Castle
Explore our asian-themed castle...
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Asian Island
hypergrid.org:8002:Asian Island
Come visit our asian-themed island!
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Default Arborea
hypergrid.org:8002:Default Arborea
Explore our tree-filled region
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Doomed City
hypergrid.org:8002:Doomed City
Our Sci-Fi region called Doomed City
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Flying High
hypergrid.org:8002:Flying High
Fly around on our hang gliders and sail our ships. See our sights! There are even a few dinosaurs to hunt. Now has a jetski race!
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Come hunt dinosaurs in our 512x512 region...
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Island Paradise
hypergrid.org:8002:Island Paradise
Enjoy and relax in our beach cottage. Watch out for dinosaurs!
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Metro Danger!
hypergrid.org:8002:Metro Danger!
This is a great game region by Fred Beckhusen. Come play today!
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The TRON-themed region with light cycles and disc combat. You can buy all 5 light cycles and the HUDs for just $5 via PayPal.
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Have fun in the sun in our beach resort
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Open Seas
hypergrid.org:8002:Open Seas
Seafaring and beaches, looking to party? This is a 1024x1024 varregion with dancing areas, games, surfing, many ships, and pirate dueling! Get a few friends to join you and shoot them till they sink. There is also a dinosaur hunting area!
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OSC Party Zone
hypergrid.org:8002:OSC Party Zone
The official Opensim City party zone
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Sea Plane
hypergrid.org:8002:Sea Plane
Come take a trip in our trusty sea plane...
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The Stormhaven pirate town
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A collection of Victorian homes. This region is just starting and is very incomplete!
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Winter Castle
hypergrid.org:8002:Winter Castle
Come visit our castle - but stay warm! We also have some BDSM related pose-balls with other free poses...
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