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About Me:
Meet me in Vineta! Explore the secrets of Vineta and the other Regions.
Join the shop. All its free!!
In this grid, we allow no drama! Please use always tolerance and be friendly to any people!
All people are welcome, I hope to see you soon. ;)


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DOMUS ANIMARUM -- HOME OF THE SOULS This is the place where souls live, while waiting for their destiny for a creature of God. Take a look around, discover ... and do only good in your thoughts. God is watching you! This is a region of "Vineta Estate" - Souls of Vineta by Chris Horn.
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Welcome to Vineta! A new OS Grid was born! Since August 2017 is the new Grid "Souls of Vineta" available ! Visit enchanted places, explore the secrets of the sunken city Vineta. Thanks for the help: Kiki & Wollex :) © by Chris Horn 2017 ®
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chrishorn posted a comment in the region Domus Animarum
This is my new region. It´s under construction actually, but open to visit. See ya... :)
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