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A beautifully themed varregion offering free house rentals to users of OSGrid. If you need a little place to call home check out the available list below and message me in world. (Wizard Atazoth) Must have an OSGrid avatar. Phanta Isle 4 Plots Available. 786sqm with a prefab Stone Cottage.
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Sandbox - 4 Trees - 4 Trees
A 2x2 sandbox region... and a giant Victrola.
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Script Magic Magic
A magical new scripting library that will house many free scripts for the metaverse. If you're in need of a script, this is the place to go! Currently Under Construction. Please read the news feed for script donation information.
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Stellar Scape Scape
A place between worlds. Come meditate and look at the stars.
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atazoth posted a comment in the region Script Magic
It's online. We have just begun to add scripts to the sim. ^_^
2 days ago