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I love helping people who have an honest desire to learn, so if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a line or drop me a notecard. Not sure what else to say here so the rest is up to you! Cheers!


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Othello 0 Users
Many thanks to Satyr Aeon (Priape) and Greybox Darkward (Vesperport) for their contributions to this project. Othello Gay Resort uses the latest and greatest PMAC powered appliances with thousands of quality animations to enjoy throughout the region, many of our furnishings are made in-house and can...
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Ozone 0 Users
SimGEAR Space Port features a State of the Art Night Club, Diner, Photo Studio, PREMIUM Freebies, Mesh Adult Furniture, Genitalia, 500+ Animation BDSM Dungeon and MORE! Visit our CLONE ROOM for our NPC workshop. Check back often, we are always adding content. Ozone welcomes ALL open minded adults. ...
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Zion 0 Users
This humble offering is a group sandbox which has no auto return. The landing point has a nice collection of scripts, particle templates, textures, prims, sculpties, gadgets and MORE! Basic building tutorials are supplied for novices. Contact Spax Orion for a group tag if you wish to build here. ...
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