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MisFitz Shopping
misfitzgrid.com:8002:MisFitz Shopping
This is the central shopping area for MisFitz Grid! The region is set up to process all GloeBit transactions and HG Users are welcome. :) Mall, Shopping, Furniture, Beds, Chairs, Couches, Npose
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MisFitz Welcome
misfitzgrid.com:8002:MisFitz Welcome
The welcome region for MisFitz Grid! This is a place of tolerance, and acceptance for all. Come hangout with us if you have an open mind. :) Proudly and Adamantly Little Friendly, Furry Friendly, LGBTQ Friendly, and generally friendly toward anyone who is not a meanie!
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Neo kidopolis
adreans-world.from-fl.com:8000:Neo kidopolis
Neo Kidopolis is an all-inclusive city that values every individual wether they be child avatar, furry, fur-cub, or anything else. Everyone is welcome who has an open mind and an open heart. Future updates to the region will include a shopping mall, a club, and free residential housing. Come and han...
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This is the welcome region for Time Paradox Grid. Here you will find general information about our world, freebies, and more to come. The region, as well as mainland has a SciFi theme with a youthful twist! Will keep this description updated as I add more! ALL are welcome. Please enable the region w...
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Korgi posted a comment in the region adachi
Awesome region, with many friendly people! Come and check out the great free content offered and stay for the hospitality. :)
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