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Hmong Island
login.id-vr.com:8002:Hmong Island
Rental region $10 USD per month With House and furnishings
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Ko Poda isle
login.id-vr.com:8002:Ko Poda isle
Rental region with house furnished
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Onn Cay
login.id-vr.com:8002:Onn Cay
512x512 region (empty) Build to suit. Rental region $29.98 per month
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Origins City Center
login.id-vr.com:8002:Origins City Center
We offer a unique and diverse social platform, where you can meet friends or make new ones (Via voice or chat messaging) , Ride the Zipline and even find your soul mate, get married and settle down in-world or in-real life. We will offer clubs that you can party at 24/7
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Origins Retreat
login.id-vr.com:8002:Origins Retreat
Asian style retreat Island.
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JamesStanley added an Event: Grand Opening Party
2 months ago
JamesStanley posted a comment in the region adachi
Well, I love the place , but was only able to get maybe 10 items, take a copy or buy and nothing is in the suitcase ... I love the items but no joy on...
3 months ago